Tuesday, October 20, 2015

As Cool as They Look, Are These Themed Planes Introducing Advertising in the Sky Really a Good Idea ?

As we've seen recently the Japan All Nippon Airways company has themed a Boeing 787 with a Star Wars theme. So far, everybody thought it was cool and it looks cool indeed. If you've not seen this Star Wars plane yet, i post below a video showing the unveil to the press of this Star Wars 787...

...as well as its approach to Paine field, some weeks ago.

Now, the first flight happened last week and we have pictures of it. Young padawans,  Chewbacca and Storm Troopers were on this inaugural flight but i wouldn't bet it will be the same on each flight..

Now, someone at Disney probably thought that it was an interesting way to promote movies and West Jet will have soon a custom-painted Disney “Frozen” themed plane featuring Anna, Elsa and Olaf.

Disney artists, cast members and WestJetters collaborated to design the “Frozen”-themed aircraft. And similar to the earlier Magic Plane, Disney wanted the outside of the aircraft to tell a story.

On the tail of our aircraft, Anna and Elsa celebrate sisterhood and the magic of snow. From the aircraft tail along the fuselage, the magic travels to warm the front of the aircraft where Olaf can be found enjoying a summer day on the beach.

The inside of the plane has a design that matches the outside. In the rear of the aircraft, the overhead bins and headrest covers have a cold theme. As you move towards the middle of the plane, the interior decoration transitions to become warmer, ultimately arriving on a warm, sunny theme at the front of the plane.

Disney Parks released a video showing the painting of the plane.

Now, as cool as these planes can look, for Disney it's not only a new way to make money - you can be sure that ANA and West Jet companies are paying for that - but it's also opening a "gate" of a new kind of advertising, this time in the sky... although there is not a lot of people up there to watch the planes and the outside theming can be seen mainly when they are on the runways or waiting for new passengers at the airport gates. Sure, if you're a Star Wars or a Frozen fan it must be fun to fly in a plane themed with your favorite characters, and so far it's just a couple of planes but, frankly, don't you think there is already enough advertising like that without having to introduce more in the vast and immaculate horizons of the sky?

Pictures: copyright Disney, All Nippon Airways


Brandon Piazza said...

I have to disagree with you on this Alain! :o. Very few planes are decorated like this, I believe due to the cost. So I don't find it anymore visually intrusive! And I think that the planes do not come off as an advertisement as more as uplifting to those who love the characters. I can especially see the plus for a group of fans all going to an event involving the subject! It really sets a nice tone for the group of passengers! Although correct me if I'm wrong Alain, but I believe the usa and Japan are a little more devoted to there fictional chapters right? In terms of displaying them everywhere. The French aesthetic is a bit more subdued. I thought that was reported in an article I read about disneyland paris trailing other parks in the sale of souvenirs and merchsndise! :)

Alain Littaye said...

I understand what you mean, Brandon, and so far, as i say in the article, it's just two or three planes which is no big deal indeed. But what i'm saying is that it opens a new "gate" for promotion which for now is no big drama because it's just a few planes but, greed being what it is in this world, it could be something very different if airplanes companies which desperately needs to make more money start to realize that themed planes are the "future".

Now, if you're a Star Wars fan for instance it'll be cool to travel in a themed Star Wars plane but what if you're NOT a fan and have to stay 12 hours in a plane themed with characters you "can't stand anymore"? See what i mean? It works if you're a fan, it can be more upsetting if you're not at all a fan and are trapped in a universe you dislike instead than a "neutral" one. So, basically, what i say is they better think twice before doing this at a bigger scale.