Friday, October 9, 2015

Shanghai Disneyland Update : New Aerial Pics, SDL Park Map...

As usual for the week-end i've got a Shanghaî Disneyland update for you and this week we've got some new crystal clear aerial pictures of the park, most probably shot thanks to a drone over SDL. Definitely click on each pic to see them in big size!

Below a fantastic bird eye view of the park.

A closer shot over SDL castle, Journey to the Crystal Grotto and Alice Labyrinth as well as some Fantasyland buildings. Behind the castle, Gardens of Imagination, and on top right, Tomorrowland.

Almost the same picture from the same angle but you can see in the background SDL lake, the SDL Hotel, Disney Town on the right and Adventure Isle with Roaring Rapids mountain on the left.

I enlarged the top and bottom of the picture above to have it in bigger size but you need to click on them to see the difference, though they'll have a bit more visible pixels.

One more aerial picture coming from a different Chinese blog.

A picture shot from the ground now, showing part of the Journey to Crystal Grotto ride in the foreground and the Seven Dwarfs coaster in the background.

The next construction shots had as caption "Mickey Avenue" but i'm almost absolutely sure that it don't shows SDL Mickey Avenue but the construction of SDR Shanghaî Village at the other end of SDL lake. The buildings facades don't look at all like the ones of Mickey Avenue.

Shanghai Disneyland also launched a new official website that you can access HERE.

There is not a lot of  things to see for now, mainly a trailer for the park and the SDL park map below that you have here in two versions, with or without Disney characters who appear on the map after a few seconds.

Normally when you click on each land you should have a zoom on the land map but it only works with Tomorrowland...

...although the folks from ThemeparX succeeded to have also the one for Mickey Avenue. May be you'll have more luck than i did for the others lands!

Stay tuned on D&M for a new Shanghai Disneyland update coming soon!

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DizAvenue said...

Judging from these photos, it seems to me as if the park won't be ready until LATE 2016. What do you think Alain?

Alain Littaye said...

What amazes me, Keith is more how the park still need vegetation. They’ve planted trees all around the park, on roads, around the lake and parking lot but not that many in the park itself except near Adventure Isle… that’s strange. As for the rest they’re finishing to install the rides inside the show buildings but i don’t see the park opening before next June anyway... We’ll see!

K. Martinez said...

This is really great stuff. It provides a better perspective on the size and scope of the project seeing it all laid out physically. Thanks, Alain!

Unknown said...

Fantastic report. Your blog is the highlight of my day.

Brian said...

Compare Seven Dwarf Mine train at SDL to what it looked like at a comparable point in WDW in October 2013. I actually think the SDL version is clearly ahead.

I see no reason the park won't be well ready for May 2015 based on that.

Benji said...

I think i've become obsessed with this project - mainly because I am visiting Shanghai in May next year. I keep checking the progress and trying to gauge where everyhing is compared to other Disney construction. I will be truly gutted if I miss out, but preparing myself for the worst! However it seems that core construction itself is pretty much done, and what is left is mainly cosmetic, placemaking and vegetation? The bamboo scaffolding makes the project appear further behind as we're not used to seeing it, i think. Does anyone agree?

Alain - the project has inspired me to re-read your incredible book again! I feel that there are certain similarities in the DLP and SDL projects? The overall approach to it, I think.