Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Twilight Zone Creator Rod Serling Discuss Writing and Storytelling in These Rare Videos !

If there is something on which we all agree, it's that the Twilight Zone 1960's TV series are among the best TV series ever aired and that Rod Serling, its creator and for many episodes the script writer, was a genius. Unfortunately Rod Serling died at 50 in 1975 and interviews of him are rare to find.

But today i've found something even better than an interview and it is a series of conversations between him and apparently some script writing students, titled 'Writing for Television, Conversations with Rod Serling". Which is great as Rod gives precious advices on how to write a script! I've embedded the playlist so normally each part should play one after another , if not jump to Youtube HERE.

In bonus, i don't resist to post this great Twilight Zone 1960's comic book cover!