Friday, December 4, 2015

"D Day" For Paris Disneyana Auction Starting Online at 3pm Paris Time this Saturday December 5 with 344 Collectibles On Sale!

That's it, folks, tomorrow ( or today depending where you're living ) Saturday December 5th is the D Day for Paris first Disneyana auction, happening online only on Drouot website! The auction will start at 3pm Paris time ( 9am New York time ) and each lot will have its final auctions with a new lot each 30 seconds;. I remind you that you need to register on the Drouot website to be able to place your bids and i recommand to do it before the auction starts to don't miss a lot you're interested by while you register.

There is 344 lots in auction and here is the different "sections":

Lots 1-33: Posters from Disneyland Paris, Disneyland or Walt Disney World, Disneyland Attraction Posters prints

Lots 34-98 Disneyland Paris and other Disney parks rare Pins collectors, and other small collectibles from the 90s

Lots 99-120 Games and toys related to Disney movies

Lots 121-205: Books on Disney theme parks, Walt Disney Imagineering and Disney Animation

Lot 206-245: The big "collectors" and other sculptures, figurines released in 2005 for Disneyland 50th Anniversary, etc... Don't miss the stunning Pirate Auctioneer replica, the Nautilus from Master Replica, Captain Hook ship, the TRON lighted giant sculpture, and many more!

Lots 246-251: Rare artworks and original paintings, « one-of-a-kind » unique items, and original renderings for a "Jungle Cruise with Dinosaurs" ride ( lots 246 to 250 ) AND a gorgeous hyper-realistic painted portrait of Walt Disney ( lot 251 )!

Lot 252-345: Collectors from press events, invitations, press kits, commemorative tickets, watches, etc... and it includes original press kits for Indiana Jones Adventure, DL New Tomorrowland, DLP Space Mountain Grand Opening, DLP 5th Anniversary, Animal Kingdom Grand Opening, Disney Cruise Line Inaugural cruise, Tokyo DisneySea announcement, HKDL Mystic Manor press kit, and dozens more!

To participate to the auction, see auction items and bid:
You must go on the Drouot Online website at the page of the auction link here:

All lots have a description in English, as well as in French, and pictures for each item. Important note: most of the items have multiple pictures, the main picture is the one that appears by default, to see the other pictures, put your mouse over the main picture and click on the thumbnails of other pictures that will appear.

Starting at 3pm this Saturday 5th, each lot will "pass" one after the other - as in a physical auction - and this will be the last opportunity to place your bids, and it will go fast because each lot will pass during 30 seconds. If you’re interested by an item and are not sure to be present online at the time of the auction on December 5th, it’s better to place your auction bid now. There is no "reserve price" on the items so each one placing his bid can potentially win the item. The auction results of each item will be announced after the end of the auction.

To bid on an item: it is mandatory to register on Drouot Online. Drouot Online will ask you your name and address and a credit card number. Note: If you win the auction of an item, your credit card will NOT be charged automatically, payment will have to be proceed once the sale is completed directly to the auctioneers study by check or credit card. Drouot requests the registration of a credit card only to ensure that the person who bids is real. That said, in case a person who bids and won a prize refuse to proceed to the payment, the credit card might be charged, so do not bid if you don’t intend to buy. The auction conditions are available on the website on the auction pages.

A  24% fee is applied on every purchase, as well as a shipment fee if the buyer can’t come in person to take his winning lot at the auctioneers office.

This is the first time that a Disneyana auction is organized in France, and by a major action house as Drouot is the oldest one in France, since more than 200 years. It is NOT, though, an auction like the one which happened for Disneyland 60th last February or the one which happen tomorrow by the same auctioneer in L.A. so, you won't find in the auction big pieces of Disney parks history like a People Mover vehicle or Marc Davis original artwork, or even original attraction posters. BUT it is the first auction of this kind, and everything needs a start. This also has some good points for Disney fans. If we except a few items estimated over 1000€ most of the items have a starting price around 50€, sometime even less. And this even if normally there is no auction happening with items under 100€, if not more. Which means that it's not an auction reserved for rich people, everybody should find something at a reasonable price.

There is plenty of items from the early years of Disneyland Paris, or rare ones from press events, whether they happened at DLP, DL or WDW, others linked to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. You have also Disneyland  attraction Posters prints down 10 years ago by Disneyland ( that South Cal guests can find easily at Disneyland but not European fans who can't go to Disneyland - and  by the way, which also cost much much less than original Attraction Posters. And also plenty of these gorgeous collectibles that were released fro Disneyland 50th Anniversary and which are now rare to find. It's a Disneyana auction, i.e an auction for fans, and i wish it will be a success to have others in Paris in the future. Last but not least, the auction is happening as I've said online only, which allows every one wherever you live on the planet to participate.

That said, go ahead, place your bids and good luck to everyone!

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Plague said...

Any idea why there isn't a catalog you can purchase for this auction?
Like the Van Eaton auctions had?