Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Shanghaî Disneyland Update : Enchanted Storybook Castle, SDL Competitor to be Build 25 Miles South of SDL...

Here is a great new Shanghaî Disneyland picture to start the week! And this one is the latest picture of SDL Enchanted Storybook Castle. As you can see scaffoldings are down almost everywhere except in the center. I just hope that they'll paint the lower part left and right because i don't really like this grey color...

On a previous digital rendering and on the castle model below all towers tops were blue too, so may be it will be the case, finally. let's hope so because it really don't look nice right now - but many be it's the picture and it looks better in real...

I've found back pictures of the castle in construction shot a few month ago. As you'll see the grey color is there but the lower turrets have grey - light blue tops, so may be it's because of the low colorimetry of the last picture on the top that they look grey.

Also, i'm curious to see the final result but personally, between the dark blue, green, pink, grey, light blue, and gold colors i think they're is seriously too many different colors on this castle...

This morning Shanghai Disneyland also announced a bit more details about the entertainment program: 

"Shanghai Disneyland will feature favorite Disney characters from Snow White to Luke Skywalker, under an entertainment program announced for the upcoming park on Wednesday.

The stories of classic Disney princesses will be staged in the site's signature Enchanted Storybook Castle, said Matt Almas, the company's creative executive.

Visitors will learn to draw Marvel characters and interact with the heroes and villains of the Star Wars universe in sci-fi zone Tomorrowland.

The final carriage of Mickey's Storybook Express, a train running through the park, will be dedicated to Mulan, an animated movie depicting a female war hero of ancient China. Each carriage will be based on a different Disney film.

Visitors will also join Donald Duck and Chip'n'Dale to practice traditional Chinese martial art Tai Chi."

Now let's move south of Shanghaî as Shanghaî Disneyland can expect in a few years a competitor as the first Six Flags theme park in China will be located in Haiyan in Zhejiang province, 45 miles from downtown Shanghaî - so not far at all from Shanghaî Disneyland, probably 25 miles, see the red spot on the Google Maps below. 

It will feature a number of record-breaking roller coasters, unique thrill experiences, live shows and more. Specific attractions have not yet been announced, but more information will be provided on the official site as soon as available HERE.

One of the big advantage of the park over SDL is that it will be close to the China sea - except, of course, when there will be typhoons...

As it is often the case this kind of project it will be also a big real estate operation, with marinas, etc... The ground breaking ceremony happened officially last Monday January 4 on the 30 billion yuan (USD $4.6 billion) real estate development which include this first Six Flags park in China, Six Flags Haiyan.

Look not bad on the renderings, we'll see if it looks as good once it is built!

Picture: copyright Disney - Shendi, Six Flags

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