Thursday, March 24, 2016

Awesome Shanghaî Disneyland Week-End Update ! Edited With the Best SDL Aerial Pictures We Ever Had !

Spring is arriving at Shanghaî Disneyland and here is the awaited Shanghaî Disneyland week-end update that i post a little bit more early this week as i'm working on another post that will be online tomorrow, and it's something that you don't want to miss, so make sure to be back on D&M this week-end! As usual i've found for you great pictures, and the four first pictures are the best aerial "crystal clear" pictures we ever had! Others have apparently been shot a few weeks ago but they're great anyway!

Next pictures show Shanghaî Disneyland Enchanted Storybook Castle, including the unusual one above in B&W. All picture below were posted either on Weibo or by HNBTV in China.

By the way, if you wonder how looks SDL Castle from outside the park, the picture below brings the answer. It was shot from behind Disney Town, you can see the back of Disney Town buildings in the foreground.

Behind the castle there is the Journey to Crystal Grotto ride and the two pictures below shows Aladdin Genie and The Little Mermaid scenes.


We stay near the castle for a series of pictures showing SDL workers at work on the giant Red Queen head in the Alice in Wonderland Maze.

Always in the Alice in Wonderland Maze...

The next picture below shows a building most probably in Fantasyland, but which one? I put my bets - wrong or right - to one in the Winnie the Pooh area.

Let's move to Treasure Cove with a picture of the wrecked ship and we learn that this one had for name "La Belle France" (!)

Next is a picture of Adventure Isle Roaring Rapids mountain shot with a telelens, from outside the park.

A mural that could be located in Treasure Cove...

Next is a great picture showing the parking lot and entrance of the Shanghaî Disneyland Hotel. I still don't like the red roofs but i'm not Chinese, so hopefully the Chinese will like it...

The two next pictures are showing the entrance signs of the Shanghaî Disneyland Hotel and the Toy Story Hotel.

The last picture of this update shows one of the entrance of Shanghaî Disneyland train station, probably the first thing that most of you will see when you'll come to visit the park!

We'll end with a Chinese video showing workers at work on pieces for SDL Enchanted Sytorybook Castle!

See you soon for a new Shanghaî Disneyland update, and make sure to come back tomorrow on D&M!

Pictures: copyright, hnbtv


S_KayCee said...

The new castle is interesting- because it functions so much as a "real, habitable" building the forced perspective tricks Disney is famous for don't quite work as well as they do on the other castles. It is by no means ugly, but it does lack a certain elegance the other castles have. I am not loving the color scheme so far- but I'll reserve judgement until they finish it. Honestly I think the bleached out pink of the original Disneyland or the cool greys of the original Disney World/Magic Kingdom looks best. Paris is always looked good in a much more pinkish pink....but I think it is because it is most fanciful of the castles.

Anonymous said...

"Paris is always looked good in a much more pinkish pink" - imo, it has lost a lot of its grandeur with the princessy pink - it looked so much greater in the 1992 colour scheme

K. Martinez said...

The B/W photo image of the Shanghai Castle looks like the best and most dramatic angle.

Kurt said...

The three skeletons in the Treasure Cove mural appear to be some of the same skeletons that appear in Disney Silly Symphony, The Skeleton Dance.

Unknown said...

I'm with u kaycee, I'm a little reticent about the castle being as elegant as the others! And I've always thought the Paris castle is the most beautiful! I was hoping Shanghai would have the same elegance! But like u I'm not gonna judge it till I see it for myself!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what to think about SDL. Everything looks huge and impressive but it does not look like "one" unified park. In TDS and DLP, on the other hand, all the lands go together perfectly. I am missing that unified / balanced look in SDL. But let's wait until the park is open and finished.