Friday, April 29, 2016

First Pictures of the Evening Projection Show on Shanghaî Disneyland Enchanted Storybook Castle !

We'll have a great Shanghaî Disneyland week-end update later today but in the meantime enjoy these first pictures of the evening projection show on Shanghaî Disneyland Enchanted Storybook Castle. And if one was wondering if there will be fountains, the picture brings the answer, and it's yes! It seems that Steve Davison designed a new wonder!


Anonymous said...

Ok, seeing these pictures makes me more confident that Shanghai Disneyland will be a success, it seems they are pulling out all the stops, unlike the small Hong Kong park that opened with not enough rides.

Brandon Piazza said...

After seeing these photos, I don't see how anyone can not say the Shanghai castle is not stunning!