Thursday, July 28, 2016

Tokyo Disneyland New Fantasyland Model Pictures

Tokyo Disneyland did three months ago a major announcement for plenty of new attractions, and today we have a picture of the model for the Fantasyland additions as well as for Tomorrowland, thanks to Japanese website

We'll start by Beauty and the Beast Area with the Beast’s castle and the village where Belle lives, the entire environment of this area will make Guests feel like they are in the film.  To give you a better idea of the upcoming changes here is a picture of "now" showing TDL Grand Circuit Raceway and a picture of the model. You'll note that Toon Town, located on the left, will be preserved. But to make way for the new development areas and the new facilities Grand Circuit Raceway in January 2017 and StarJets will close in autumn-winter 2017.

Located within the Beast’s castle will be a major attraction themed to Beauty and the Beast that can be experienced only in Japan. And in the village, there will be a shop and a restaurant. Below, original TDL renderings and picture of the model.

The new beauty and the Beast area will include a major E-Ticket attraction located inside Beast castle. Below, renderings of the outside and inside and closeshot on the model. Note the huge show building behind Beast castle.

The area include also a Live Entertainment Theater (Theater name to be determined), the first full-scale indoor theater for live entertainment at Tokyo Disneyland. Signature Disney entertainment unique to Tokyo Disneyland and featuring the Disney Friends will be presented in this storybook theater environment. 

A ride-type attraction themed to the Disney film, Big Hero 6, will also open in Tomorrowland. Below, rendering and pictures of the model showing where it will be located in Tomorrowland.

A new Disney Character greeting facility where Guests can meet Minnie Mouse will also open in Toontown and Minnie Mouse, as a fashion designer, will greet Guests in her studio dressed in fashionable costume. After walking through Minnie’s design studio and her work area with interactive elements, Guests can meet Minnie in person, take pictures with her, and generally spend a memorable time together.

All Artworks and pictures: copyright Disney - Oriental Land Co.


Tom said...

Thanks so much for this update!

It looks like fantasyland will be a little bit "split", with Toontown in between the old and the new Fantasyland. Not really, but the Fantasyland "path" will be very narrow at one point.

Tomorrowland will be very small, but wow, what huge a showbuilding for the E-tiket attraction.
And the huge "trees", to cover up Space Mountain from view.

This all looks very interesting, this "Beauty and the Beast" miniland is something very different from the original plans, to move small world and build new things in the old Fantasyland part. This is not an overhaul of the old, which will still be needed..., but an addition.

It looks amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

You didnt stop???

Alain Littaye said...

Yes, i was supposed to, but let's say i have a little delay... :-)

Anonymous said...

A full-sized Beast's Castle vs. Florida's Beast's Dollhouse, sigh...They're getting rid of the Grand Circuit Raceway, TDL's version of Autopia. Disneyland could do the same by replacing the Motor Boat Cruise area with Frozen Land, it would even fit thematically next to the Matterhorn.

Taylor said...

Awesome photos! It looks like the Big Hero 6 attraction will be a copy of Mater's Junkyard Jamboree here at DCA. Surprised the Beauty and the Beast attraction will use a similar ride vehicle to the Winnie the Pooh ride, but looks to have increased capacity by adding a second row of seats. Only time will tell...

Olaf said...

You may delay your stop for a very long time ;-)

Great that you share this info with us. thanks.

Hope you have a great time of and give us some time to time updates from the worlds of Disney parks

Prescott Rymon said...

Can they send that Star Jet to California or Florida? Ha ha.