Monday, August 29, 2016

Macau Studio City's Franz Harary House Of Magic Full Show

Starting the week on D&M with a great magic show is not a bad idea and this is what i suggest we do today. Studio City is the latest Hotel Casino in Macau. Designed by Gary Goddard' Goddard Group the hotel also include the ""House of Magic of magician Franz Harary,  a multi theaters magic experience and the great Imagineer Tim Delaney designed part of it, see Tim renderings above and below, click on each to get them in HD.

Franz Harary's House of Magic is now celebrating its first anniversary and you'll find a first video below which shows a best-of of what guests experience during their visit of the House of Magic.

The final act is Franz Harary "Mega Magic" 35 minutes show and, lucky you, i've found on Youtube a video showing the entire show! The show includes some brilliant magic acts but also use some impressive background video effects on giant screens, so don't miss it!

Video: copyright Franz Harary

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