Thursday, September 15, 2016

Breaking News : Hyper space Mountain Coming at DLP Discoveryland Starting End of March 2017

It was a strong rumor and it is now confirmed: Hyperspace Mountain will come to DLP Discoveryland starting the end of March 2017, with new theming an projection effects inside the dome. This new version of Space Mountain probably wont stay forever - although, you never know... - but at least during a few months.

And for those of you wondering about the coming of a Star Wars land at DLP i can confirm you that DLP don't plan to build it inside Disneyland Paris park but at the Walt Disney Studios. When? that's another problem and they probably don't know themselves exactly when but most probably not before 2020.

Below, a video of Disneyland Anaheim Hyperspace Mountain though the projections at DLP will most likely be different as the inside structure is not the same.

Picture: copyright Disney

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Brandon said...

Any building is good news!