Friday, October 21, 2016

Rare Pictures of Queen Sophie of Spain at Disneyland in 1958

The article with pictures of the King of Thailand and family at Disneyland in 1960 posted last week was highly popular among Thai readers and the post on the D&M Facebook page had a record of 1.600.000 Million views (!) Today, we'll stay in the royalty topics but this time it's D&M readers from Spain who should enjoy these rare pictures that i've found of the Queen Sophia of Spain on November 23, 1958 at Disneyland Anaheim! At that time she was 20 years old and Princess Sophia of Greece, as the pictures were shot before she get married with Juan Carlos in 1962.

Walt Disney was not there that day but on the picture above Princess Sophia is on the left, standing in front of  Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle, with DL hostess Annette Funicello, center, and Mme Mary Carolou on the right. Below, Princess Sophia ( center ) at the entrance of Disneyland with Main Street Station in the background.

On the next picture, Princess Sophia sits inside one of Main Street horse carriage.

Next stop, the Jungle Cruise and Princess Sophia sits here on the right, close to the skipper, in one of the Jungle Cruise boats.

The last picture with Princess Sophia ( second from left ) is another shot in front of Disneyland castle, well protected by two security men!

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