Saturday, October 15, 2016

Very Sad News : The Great WDI Imagineer Skip Lange Passed Away on Oct. 14

A very sad news as i learned today that the great WDI Imagineer Skip Lange passed away on Oct. 14. Skip lange joined Imagineering in 1970 as a dimensional designer, and went on to be a field designer on several attractions at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Park. During the creation of Epcot he was the production designer for two Future World pavilions, and he was the show producer for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Tokyo Disneyland. Later he would act as field art director for each of the five themed lands at Disneyland Paris, and he was the show director for the fantastic Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland Anaheim.

The picture above shows Skip Lange ( right ) working in late 70's on Disneyland Big Thunder mountain with Imagineer and friend Pat Burke. 

Retired Imagineer Chalmer Day shared some thoughts about his colleague: “My fondest memories of working with Skip include when he was the overall field rockwork art director for Mysterious Island at Tokyo DisneySea. I also recall when we were working on Adventureland for Hong Kong Disneyland and he was given the last-minute direction to add an entire ‘wow’ scene to the jungle river ride. It was a huge challenge and he pulled it off beautifully. Skip was an amazing Imagineer and an even greater friend who did so much good in the world.”

On this last picture above, shot at Tam-O-Shanter restaurant after the funeral of Imagineer Pat Burke in January 2015 Skip Lange is on the right with, from left, Imagineers Matt McKim ( Sam McKim's son), Tony Baxter, Chris Runco, Tim Delaney, Julie Svendsen - and Skip Lange.

Picture: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

Please post information on services. Skip has many friends dating back to his early years at Disney who have lost touch with his family, and would likem to attend. As you know, he's been in Japan and Shanghai for the last few years, so busy and hard to reach.

Alain Littaye said...

I'm going to ask when the memorial services will be and will post it here as soon as i know.

Alain Littaye said...

I've been told that as soon as the memorial services for Skip Lange will be known they will let me know, so thanks to keep looking for this page until i post the dates here!