Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Universal Beijing Construction Starts !

We're back in Asia for today's D&M update as, good news, The construction of Universal Beijing has started! For now of course it's just ground works for a theme park now scheduled to open in 2020 instead of 2019, which leave more time to Shanghai Disneyland before facing the competition of Disney's biggest competitor.

The non-officially released map below shows pretty clearly that Universal Beijing envision a second theme park, and more hotels ( six if my count is right ) and even a City Walk and a water park!

On a recent presentation the map below was shown. The original picture was posted on Themeparx but i tried my best to enhance it to have a better look and it indeed confirm the map above and that multiple hotels are envisioned.

Are they thinking to build a Volcano Bay for the water park of Universal Beijing as this non-officially released rendering may indicate? Mmmmh... if yes, did someone told them that the climate is not really the same at Beijing than at Orlando?

Anyway, we're looking to learn more about Universal Beijing in the future but ...wouldn't it be great if Universal could also think to build one in Europe? After all, back in the 9à's they had plans to build a Universal Studios at Melun, 30 km from Paris...

Pictures: copyright Universal Studios

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