Thursday, March 16, 2017

Latest Pictures of Star Tours 2 at DLP Discoveryland Two Weeks Before Official Opening on March 26th

With less than two weeks before the official opening of Star Tours 2 at Discoveryland during the launch of Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary on March 26th - and the press event the day before  - let's have a look at the latest pictures of the redesigned Star Tours entrance with pictures of Max, D& contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster.

The new entrance arch will be the only new structure with blue and red lights effects as you'll see on the pictures and video below. Landscaping happened too with new trees that you can guess behind the entrance arch.

A zoom on the Star Tours sign on the entrance arch.

Here is a short video showing the light effects on the arch.

The X-Wing fighter is now fixed on the platform on the roof of the former Star Traders shop - now a meet and greet location with Star Wars characters, with a new element, a small orange ladder on the right of the X-Wing fighter, like the one the pilots use to climb in in the Star Wars movies.

The Star Trader shop is now where the post show was before and here is a picture showing the shop entrance sign.

Soft-openings for DLP cast-members are supposed to start around March 20, and with a bit of luck there might be soft-openings for DLP guests during that week, between the 20 and the 26, but nothing is guaranteed so if you're at DLP at that time check in Discoveryland if there is some soft-openings, if you're not there don't go specially for that and wait for the official opening on March 26.

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Pictures and video: copyright DLP Welcome

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