Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Apple Unveil at 2017 WWDC New Apple Watch Toy Story Faces And More Star Wars VR and AR Awesomeness

Apple did his annual keynote at WWDC 2017 in San Francisco and among tons of others things and new products which were for the most pretty exciting, Apple previewed the next version of WatchOS 4, its operating system for the Apple Watch. Which include new animated watch faces and, after Mickey and Minnie, new Toy Story character watch faces will let Woody, Jessie or Buzz tell you the time!

But there was more awesomeness during the keynote and, first, here is a demo by Industrial Light and magic wizard and Academy Awards winner John Knoll of a coming soon Star Wars Virtual Reality!

Last but not least, another awesome demo, this time of "Augmented Reality" with a demo by Alasdair Coull from Peter Jackson company Wingnut AR. Don't miss it, you're not going to believe your eyes of what they can do now in Augmented Reality.

All of these will be available later this fall!

Videos: copyright Apple

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