Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Possible Location For The Rumored Star Wars Resort at WDW

Some months ago, concept-arts for a future Star Wars Resort were leaked, and since no official announcement came from Disney ( but it might be the case at D23 Expo in two weeks ) and no more news about it. Chances are that such a Star Wars resort would be build at WDW and D&M reader Cleve North is wondering if part of the new land to be used officially for the expansion of WDW DHS current parking lot might be used for this rumored Star Wars Hotel. Cleve used one of Blog Mickey's aerial picture from an excellent new update that you can read HERE to indicate where he thinks this Star Wars hotel might be build, right in front of the upcoming Star Wars land. He bets that it's what will happen and ...he may be right!  Note that Disney could eventually prep the entire area but use it at first for parking lot only and build the hotel years later as it's very cheap to rip up an asphalt parking lot.

For those of you who would have missed the previous post months ago showing the leaked Star Wars hotel renderings, i also repost them below. Three renderings were leaked, one showing the Star Wars hotel lobby...

...another one is showing the "guests cabins"

 ...and a third one showing another of the hotel areas.

Pictures: copyright Blog Mickey, Disney

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