Sunday, July 16, 2017

FULL Updated Fantasmic! Show at Disneyland With New Scenes And New special Effects !

The new updated Fantasmic! show started at Disneyland last night with new scenes and new special effects, and here it is, the FULL Updated Fantasmic! Show filmed in 4K by The DIS. The  new scenes are: Aladdin Flying Carpet, Tangled and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Video: copyright SoCal Attractions 360

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K. Martinez said...

Very disappointed with what I saw. The Pirates of the Caribbean overlay on the Sailing Ship Columbia did nothing for me. I much preferred the "Peter Pan" version from the original show with Peter Pan and Captain hook dueling and Tic-Toc following behind. The Aladdin Flying Carpet segmnt is so anti-climatic for anyone who has seen DCA's "Aladdin: a Musical Spectacular where the carpet and actors actually flew over the audience. The Lion King sequence which I actually thought was good and I liked was way too short. All in all very underwhelming with a lot of opportunity squandered.

About the only new things I saw come out of D23 Expo that I liked are DLP's Ratatouille ride coming to Epcot and the SHDL's Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom.