Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Disneyland Paris Illuminations Fireworks Show to End in 2019, To Be Replaced by Night Show on Lake Disney ?

Our friends of ED92 have posted an interesting, though surprising, news saying that "according to the last rumors, something new should arrive at DLP in 2019 and you're going to be surprised! ". As you'll see below in the translation of ED92 post, indeed we are surprised. For the French version of ED92 post please jump HERE.

"Disneyland Paris daily Disney Illuminations night show launched with great fanfare last year, might not last after the end of Disneyland Paris's 25th anniversary celebrations. And with its end, it would also be the end of the extended schedule system introduced for Disney Dreams in 2012.

Starting Spring 2019, it is around Disney Lake that DLP guests will have to go to enjoy a brand new show combining the latest technologies of Disney's super productions World of Color with the ones of Rivers of Light from Disney's Animal Kingdom.  This all-new 360-degree show, whose name is not yet known, is expected to pay tribute to many feature films of Walt Disney Studios with fountains, water screens, and mobile fountains. lights and many other effects.

Above, the Rivers of Light show at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Four large viewing areas should be developed (the one in front of Disney's Sequoia Lodge might be already under construction), and one on the Disney Village side would be exclusively accessible via a specific ticketing system.

There is still much to be said about this all-new fairy-tale that should arrive next year. We will therefore come back in more detail soon to answer all the questions that this indiscretion raises. But in the meantime, what do you think of this fundamental change in the night-time offer of Disneyland Paris, which should therefore bring back its big end-of-day show on the edge of Disney Lake, as it was during the summers of 1993 to 1996."

So, what does this all mean? Well, first, a fountain projection show cost less than daily fireworks, obviously, though we don't know yet for sure if the new show on the lake will have fireworks or not. DLP will also save money on earlier park closing time as they won't need anymore to wait for the night to fall which in France can happen pretty late in June and July, up to 10 or 11pm! On the other hand guests usually stay a bit more for shopping in Main Street shops after the night show - not all of them as a majority of guests move directly to the exit - something they won't do if they need to move to the Lake show, though when they might do some shopping in Disney Village shops, before or after the show. And eventually even have dinner at Disney Village restaurants before the show starts on the lake.

The question is: how many guests will walk to Lake Disney, specially after a long day in the park when the legs starts to get tired. It's not that far, but if the weather is cold or rainy they might prefer to turn left to the parking lot or the train station before entering Disney Village. Of course guests staying in DLP hotels will go up to the lake because that's what they have to do anyway if they stay in the New York, Sequoia Lodge or Newport Bay hotels. As we are in France you can also count on French guests ranting that they now have to walk a mile to see a night show when before they just needed to assemble on DLP Central Plaza. And probably all guests from wherever they'll come will be disappointed to don't have anymore the great projection show on DLP Castle with fireworks over it, though ED92 rumor don't say if the night show will be permanently cancelled or if the DLP Castle show will be played only during special seasons, which might be the case. Also, apparently some free viewing area will be available for DLP Annual Pass Holders but the fact that there will be a specific ticketing system - meaning that others will have to pay to see the show on the lake - will for sure bring some angry comments.

So, why DLP is doing this? As i've said they can save money with no fireworks show but there might be another reason: a long rumored expansion of the Disney Village might be still in the plans and may be this is a two-in-one operation with which DLP is saving money on one hand - both on no-fireworks and early closure of the parks - and on the other hand  they make a test to see how many guests will come to the lake and how many of them are willing to pay to see a show on the lake. My feeling is that there is much more behind this operation - if ED92 rumor is right, of course - than it seems at first sight. D&M will keep an eye on this and of course will let you know!

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