Thursday, February 15, 2018

More Details About the “Reimagination” of Disneyland Paris Hotel New York in a New Marvel-themed Hotel

Just a few days ago, Bob Chapek, Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, announced the “reimagination” of the Disney’s Hotel New York into a new Marvel-themed Hotel. Today, Disneyland Paris share new details about the rooms in a conversation with Sylvie Massara (Artistic Director at Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Paris) in english and french version below.

Can you explain the concept of the future Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel to us?

When it re-opens, the Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel will evoke the contemporary sophistication of the city that was the birthplace of the Marvel Super Heroes, and the scriptwriters and artists who created them. So the renovation of Disney’s Hotel New York is based on an environment inspired by the luxurious and contemporary buildings of Manhattan! The refined and cosmopolitan interior decor will evoke the neighbourhoods of the Avengers and will display “The Art of Marvel” in public spaces. “Comic art” posters, sketches, videos, storyboards, sculptures and costumes are the many examples of the Art of Marvel that will be included in the hotel’s overall decor, just like a contemporary art gallery in Chelsea.

What inspired you in your new designs for the bedrooms?

The hotel has 476 standard rooms, 65 executive, 15 themed suites, 8 “standard” suites and 2 presidential suites. The interior decor of the bedrooms will be inspired by the urban contemporary and sophisticated style of Tony Stark, with a range of colours and finishes evoking Iron Man! The themed suites will be inspired by the world of Spider-Man and the Avengers, whilst the “standard” and presidential suites will have a more neutral decor in order to welcome our Convention clientele. As in the rooms, limited editions of the Art of Marvel will decorate the hotel’s walls, as if they were exhibited in an art gallery.

Apart from the design, are there any details that you would like to share with us relating to improving the comfort of the rooms and suites?

Apart from evoking the Marvel Super Heroes, the rooms and suites will provide larger flat-screens hidden behind a mirror, all the necessary European connections and sockets, along with a brighter bathroom with a bath or shower


Il y a quelques jours, Bob Chapek, président de Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, a annoncé la «transformation» du Disney's Hotel New York en un nouvel hôtel inspiré de l’univers de Marvel. Aujourd'hui, nous sommes ravis de partager de nouveaux détails sur les chambres dans une conversation avec Sylvie Massara, directrice artistique de Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Paris.

Peux-tu nous expliquer le concept du futur Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel ?

A sa réouverture, le Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel évoquera la sophistication contemporaine de la ville berceau des super-héros Marvel et des scénaristes et dessinateurs qui les ont créés. La réhabilitation du Disney’s Hotel New York reposera ainsi sur un environnement inspiré des buildings luxueux et contemporains de Manhattan ! La décoration intérieure épurée et cosmopolitaine évoquera les quartiers des Avengers et mettra en valeur « The Art of Marvel » dans les lieux publics. Posters «comic art», croquis, vidéos, story-boards, sculptures et costumes sont autant d’exemples d’Art of Marvel qui seront ensuite intégrés dans la décoration globale de l’hôtel, à l’image d’une galerie d’art contemporaine de Chelsea.

Quelles ont été vos inspirations pour imaginer le nouveau design des chambres ?

L’hôtel est composé de 476 chambres, 65 exécutives, 15 suites thématisées, 8 suites «standards» et deux présidentielles. La décoration intérieure des chambres sera inspirée du style contemporain urbain et sophistiqué de Tony Stark avec une palette de couleurs et de finitions évoquant Iron Man ! Les suites thématisées seront inspirées de l’univers de Spider-Man et des Avengers, tandis que les suites «standards» et présidentielles possèderont une décoration plus neutre afin de recevoir notre clientèle Convention. Comme pour les chambres, des éditions limitées d’Art of Marvel orneront les murs de l’hôtel comme si elles étaient exposées dans une galerie d’art.

Au-delà du design, y-a-t-il des détails que tu souhaiterais partager avec nous quant à l’amélioration du confort des chambres et des suites ?

Outre l’évocation des Super-Héros Marvel, les chambres et suites offriront notamment des écrans plats plus grands dissimulés derrière un miroir, toutes les connexions et prises européennes nécessaires ainsi qu’une salle de bain plus lumineuse avec baignoire ou douche.

Pictures: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

Sad to see this Hotel being transformed into yet another bad overlay of IP. And apparently Disney has a way of getting impatient after about 25 years of leaving things as they are, just look at the disastrous "reimagining" of the original Tomorrowlands in the 90's. If they would have waited just. few more years, the sleek original concept would have moved over into nostalgic views and all they needed to do in between would have been an update of he content, not form. The same will happen to Hotel Ne York as well. We're just about at the threshold of (good) Post-Modernism getting the recognition as a valuable addition to architectural history and here we have a very good example of Michael Graves' work. The concept is still valid, and to me it's still my favorite place to stay at the resort since it's got a more adult feel to it compared to the other hotels. Austere but still with a bit of Disney whimsy. Of course, after all these years there could be an update to interiors and furnishings, but it should always be in the spirit of the core idea and speaking the same language. Marvel is not the same, neither aesthetically nor storewise.

And please return to the original reflecting pool in summer and a proper ice rink in winter, don't try to monetize everything if that means hurting a space. Put the pavilions to good use, let Starbucks open up another shop in there so you can have a coffee sitting by the lake…

this just makes me mad

Jones said...

Ok, enough is enough. I will never visit DLP again, period.

Xavier said...

+1 Anonymous for the return of the beautifull reflective fontaine showing Manhattan map.

They sell more expensive "Plaza" rooms on the lake side but you have the ugly bycicle instead.

I regret we lose the only "adult"/elegant hotel on property. Especialy as this one does work a lot with outside compagnies for conventions.

Not to mention the Manhattan restaurant is closed as a table service for several years now. Too bad as it is on of the most beautifull restaurant room...

@Jones : isn't it too much ? ^^