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Disneyland Paris Update : Phantom Manor Renovation, Pirates and Princesses, Cafe Mickey, and more...

Here we go for a new Disneyland Paris update, thanks to Max, D&M contributor and DLP Welcome webmaster. Make sure to read this article till the end as D&M needs your urgent support for reasons explained HERE. Thanks!

The first news this week is the departure of DLP President Catherine Powell as the Walt Disney Company is in full reorganization to prepare the integration of 20th Century Fox, and we learn that Catherine Powell, who was president of Euro Disney since spring 2016, is leaving her DLP position  to take the lead of the « Western Region » division of the new unified « Parks, experiences and consumer Products » ( merging « Parks & Resorts » and « merchandising « divisions ) led by Bob Chapek. Catherine Powell will be able to manage the development policy of the California DLR, Florida WDW, and Disneyland Paris parks, and all the merchandising division for the United States and Europe. Many thanks to her for working on the Resort with the implementation of the multi-year investment plan from 2020 to 2026.

In the meantime, waiting for 2020 and the opening of the Marvel Land at the Walt Disney Studios Park, let’s have a look at today’s news at Disneyland Park.

By the way, talking about Marvel land, i've heard that the closure of the Rock and Roller Coaster for its transformation in an Iron Man coaster - which was rumored to happen this fall - with an opening of the new ride in Summer 2019 have been delayed. RNRC would close fall 2019 and the Iron Man ride would open mid 2020. I know it's frustrating but,  first, i'm going to double check that, and two, if true, the delay is probably due to technical issues which request more time to be resolved. As i've said in a recent update I can't give you more details for now about the Iron Man ride but those of you who think that it will be just a quick lifting are in for a big, BIG surprise. I'll go as far as to say that the Iron Man ride will be hugely popular from day one, probably as much as Space Mountain was when it opened twenty-three years ago!

Back now to DLP Magic Kingdom where the « Festival Pirates & Princesses » will start soon. No surprise, the decorations of the Spring seasons from 2015 to 2017 are back on Main Street USA. It should be noted that the locations of the Bambi, the Aristocats and the giant heart topiaries are very well chosen.

Casey's Corner facade is also currently in renovation.

Let's have a closer look to the topiaries!

On Central Plaza we find the most important change. The plaza is divided into 2 zones, the ones of Frontierland and Discoveryland. The one with the princesses have flower beds in pink and yellow and for the Pirates on the Discoveryland side we find aquatic symbols. Similarly, streetlights help to delimit areas. As for the stages, they are very well thought out and integrated.

At Adventureland, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Indiana Jones coaster are running well. The suspended bridge and a part of Adventure Isle will reopen soon after months of closure for renovation.

As you'll see in the video below, Chaparral Stage, the Theatre of « Frozen Sing-Along » and the « Forest of Enchantment: a Disney Musical adventure » is now completely destroyed before being rebuilt entirely. Apparently the new one will be totally closed, meaning that there won't be open space like on the previous one, which will allow to have the show playing whatever will be the weather and temperatures outside. But the destruction of the theatre may hide another reason and i'll try to learn more about this.

Here is Max video.

Phantom Manor is always in its long total renovation - outside and inside - and on March 22nd we could see the new roof frame on the right side of the building. In addition, the green spaces all around the manor will be totally redone, the ground is now destroyed and the pipes replaced. Objective, all to be refreshed.

On March 23 a themed canvas saw finally put over the scaffoldings - it was about time - and probably will stay until Phantom Manor reopening mid-October ( pictures below and on top from ED92 ).

Let's have a fun tour in Autopia at Discoveryland!

To end the day, direction Disney Village where the Mickey Cafe Restaurant welcomes new visitors with the Disney characters. So, for an Italian-inspired menu at €65 (75$ with tax), you will have the pleasure of eating in the company of the characters. A joy moment to share with the family!

On our way toward the Café let's have a look at the Disney Village facades which probably will be changed entirely, as they need it,  when they'll start the placemaking in one year or so.

nAll-right, Max will be back soon with a new update but in the meantime Disney and more need your - urgent - support, and it's no joking'!

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