Saturday, April 28, 2018

360° Video of Disney's Animal Kingdom Pandora's Flight of Passage !

Here is a great - and very interesting 360° video of Pandora Flight of Passage posted a while ago by  Themepark Thrills.  Drag your mouse left, right, up and down when the video will play, especially on the right to see how it looks during the ride with the others riders as you can see the others rows of guests, up and down!

Note: the 360° doesn’t work with Safari, so you need to watch it with Firefox or Chrome, of may be Internet Explorer if the 360° works with it.

A bonus picture with that nice shot from WDW Magic showing the pre-show room with the Avatar Audio-Animatronic, as well as a close hot on the Avatar.

Pictures: copyright Disney, WDW Magic, Themepark Thrills, Wikipedia

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