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DLP Update: WDS Tower of Terror 10th Anniversary Passholders Event

Here we go for a new Disneyland Paris update and this one is all about the evening at the Walt Disney Studios Park which happened on March 30 between 8.30pm till 11.30pm for the 10th anniversary of the Tower of Terror. This first special evening organized for the holders of DLP Passport Infinity was reserved for a limited number of people but 1200 tickets were sold at €39 each, and this first experience was a success, even if you won't see a lot of people on the pictures below shot by Max, D&M contributor and DLP Welcome webmaster.

The evening started at 8.30 pm with guests welcome with a gift bag and at 9pm began the great show of the evening with projections on the Tower of Terror. This show was in fact the same one than the opening show of the press event which happened at the end of March 2008, when the park was privatized for journalists and VIPs for the launch of this new and at that time the best attraction at DLP WDS. This show was played exclusively during the press event evening and since was the object of desire from the fans community who were wishing to live it in real and not only by seeing it on a YouTube video. And i can tell you that the fans were right to be excited to finally see it as i was invited at the 2008 press event and it has been definitely the best Grand Opening show i've seen for any Disney attraction, even if the one in 1995 for Space Mountain opening was great too. The wait for the fans was finally over 10 years later, though the projections needed some technical adaptations as the projection site in 2008 was temporary and did not benefit from the permanent installations put in place for more than a year now. The performance in its 2018 version was performed without fireworks to allow the guests to access the attraction and the rest of the park at the end of the show.

This anniversary event was high in color and emotion. Starting with the discovery of the projections coming out of Studio 1 and the symbol « 15 »  as the attraction and its 2008 inaugural show was the « gift » for the extension of an additional year of the 15th anniversary celebrations.

As i suppose that you're dying to see a 4K video of the full show, here it is and as you'll see after - and during the projections on the Tower of Terror, dozens of extras all dressed in 1920's style came out of nowhere, just like ghosts from the past and not only, like during the press event, they escorted the guests during the queue and pre-show but also during the ride itself!

When the show is over the hotel guests (ghosts) of the hotel dispersed between Rock ‘ n ‘ Roller Coaster and Hollywood Tower Hotel in order to put a Twilight Zone mood in both attractions as, yes, the Rock ‘ n ‘ Roller coaster had a new « light show » with the musical theme of the Twilight Zone remixed. But all the animation was of course on the Tower of Terror where policeman, maids, technicians and other employees and visitors of the hotel met each other and interacted with the guests of the evening. Strange, disturbing or funny and scary situation, the actors honored this iconic attraction with the Bellboys!

This evening was also an opportunity to discover a park that should be open at night on normal days. It was astonishing to see how the lighting of the park is wonderful and offer a higher experience of the park than with daylight. The walk in the alleys was nice and beautiful. Then, the omnibus usually used on Main Street USA appeared magically, allowing to quickly move around the park and offering a new viewpoint.

This evening was an opportunity to ride and re-ride attractions that regulars make no more because of the waiting times. This was the case of Crush’s Coaster. Anyone ever dream to ride this attraction with 0 minute of waiting? And that was the case also for RC Racer or Ratatouille. Finally, came the time of the last ride, to say goodbye to the Tower of terror with the last lift of the evening. The overall feeling of the evening is to have been privileged among DLP visitors to enjoy and appreciate this moment of relaxation, rediscovery and surprises. The video below sums up the evening.

It is obvious that after this experience we will continue to participate in this type of special evening. The quality of the experience was there, the show, the actors with visitors, the photos, the exclusive merchandise - below the TOT key - the atmosphere, the light and sound of attractions with no wait time for our greatest pleasure. So many elements combined with the low number of visitors offers a very positive overall return and why we want more again and again even though the DJ Party was too big for the few visitors. Hoping that the next special evenings will have the same quality.

One more thing: What is literally incomprehensible is why DLP never played this show again since 2008, at least during the Halloween season, for which it would make a perfect evening show, if not all week at least the week-ends, and of course for the Oct 31 Halloween Party. It would have a huge success.

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