Sunday, June 3, 2018

Imagineer Tom Fitzgerald Announces That Vincent Price Original Narration Returns to Phantom Manor!

BIG news announced yesterday by Imagineer Tom Fitzgerald during the Imagineering panel at DLP Disney FanDaze, as Tom announced that, after 25 years, the original Phantom Manor narration by the great Vincent Price will be back when the ride will reopen this fall! 

If you've never seen Vincent Price recording his Phantom Manor narration, here is this unmissable video, first put on line by David Goebel of the excellent Ravenswood Manor website.

Don't go away as there is more, as Tom Fitzgerald also announced that, in addition to a complete renovation of the attraction, changes will allow Phantom Manor guests to know at last "who" is the Phantom! On the next video below, released recently, Tom Fitzgerald tells you more about Phantom Manor renovation.

Videos: copyright Disney, Attractions Magazine, WDI

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Anonymous said...

At last, it's about time! Vincent Price's voice is so iconic. Will they restore it in a way allowing castmembers to switch narrations in French and English?