Monday, September 24, 2018

Disneyland Paris Update Part 3 : Walt Disney Studios Renovations, New "Value" Hotel for DLP, and more

Here is the part three of the big Disneyland Paris update, and this one is all about what's happening at DLP Walt Disney Studios, and more, thanks to Max, D&M contributor and DLP Welcome webmaster. Let's start by WDS « Studio 1 » building, which currently have its facade in renovation.

The Tower of terror continues to be covered with scaffolding for its long renovation.

And, yes, there will be plenty of renovation works to do!

Works to double the road network near the « Santa Fe » Hotel and the « Disney’s Sequoia Lodge » continues. This work carried out by the state were planned with Disney in a development plan signed in 2014. The origin of the works is simple, it is the coordination between the road works and the opening of a new « All-Stars » value hotel like the ones at Walt Disney World in Florida. We know it's most certainly is a value resort because in the docs between Disney and the state it is written that this zone is made for a "value" ( hotel cut off of everything and surrounded by roads ). Not to mention its characteristic shape of the All Stars hotels. The deduction is done. But, as you know, there is no work zone and even less announcement from Disney regarding this hotel. It is in these moments that we clearly see the delays and shortcomings of the company even it had commit to a development with the government. The State thus finds itself to have to invest in new, and for now useless, infrastructures, for today and at least the next two years, only to respect its part of the contract.

Disney Hotel "All Stars" : Waiting since more than 2 years: The plan below comes from the phase 4 signed between Disney and the state ( public document ) which rules the development of this area. Thus, the state being responsible for the road network it builds the network according to the projected development negotiated between Disney and the state with different deadlines. Road works to adapt the road traffic to a building is usually the last to be done.  So the road under construction today means that it's been 2 years since the works for this hotel should have started to open at the same time, at the end of the road works done by the state.

Disneyland Paris :
Rose/Pink : Disneyland Park
Bleu/Blue : Walt Disney Studios Park
Rouge/Red : Disney Village
Orange/Orange : Disney Hotels
Blanc/White : Extensions Zone (Parks/Hotels/Village)

From November 2018 to April 2019, the swimming pool of the « Disney’s Sequoia Lodge » and its fitness room will be closed to visitors for renovation. A reconfiguration of the changing rooms, the reception and the fitness room will be done to optimize the space and fit better to guests practices. Here are the blueprints.

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