Sunday, October 21, 2018

Shanghaî Haichang Ocean Park Pictorial Update - Part Two

New pictorial update about Shanghaî Haichang Ocean Park, still in soft-opening until mid-November grand opening. Although the exterior theming looks finished and the marine life exhibits and shows are operational - except the Orcas show - none of the rides are yet working, including the Intamin Steel Dolphin coaster, always in trial operations. But there is plenty of new pictures shot by Chinese guests and posted on social medias site where Michael from Themeparx found them. I remind you that the park is located near Shanghaî at 30 minutes from Shanghaî Disneyland and will be SDL main competitor once all rides and shows will be fully operational, i.e anytime soon.

Let's start by a great panoramic shot of the park, and you can see more great pictures in D&M previous article HERE..

New shots of the snow mountain.

The entrance to polar mountain. The train ride is not working yet.

The fountain at the center of Christmas Town, in front of the The Seal - Sea Lions show / exhibit pavilion is now working.  Below, more building from Christmas town and the Kids zone are now finished.

The Mermaids and Shark mosaic sculpture at the entrance of the park.

The awaited Steel Dolphin coaster is still in test mode and not open yet.

Jet-Ski show in the canal and daily show at Christmas town!

The Skyway gondolas going from polar mountain to the volcano are now working, so let's board one of them from polar mountain station to have great aerial shots of the park!

Let's enter the Volcano Whale Shark Hall to meet sharks!

The flume ride is not working yet.

New banners before the start of the Dolphin show.

The park has now three Belugas...

...And Polar Bears.

Plenty of Penguins await you in the Penguins exhibit...

According to Michael from Themeparx, at the seal exhibit inside the polar mountain, "guests can view the seals from both above and underneath the exhibit and come face to face with the seals at the cylindrical glass part of the tank".

Guests can also have a close encounter with Sea Turtles...

...and even Mermaids!

More pics of the Coral Reef pavilion.

The underwater restaurant.

The Jelly Fish exhibit.

Sunset and night shots of the park!

Make sure to visit Themeparx HERE as there is more pictures available and Michael adds new ones daily!

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Sam said...

I feel sorry for some of those animals, those enclosures look horrible, always inside, small ...