Sunday, January 6, 2019

DLP Update: Goodbye Hotel New York, Hello Art of Marvel, All About Disneyland Paris Hotel New York Which Will Re-Open in Summer 2020 !

On January 6, 2019, Disneyland Paris unveiled the logo of the new Disney's Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel, during an epic celebration - picture below - as it prepares to enter the most ambitious renovation in its history. Scheduled to reopen in the summer of 2020, the new hotel will infuse the inspiring and dynamic art of the Super Heroes, from Iron Man to Avengers via Spider-Man, to the elegant and vibrant atmosphere of the Big Apple.

Since 1992, Disney's Hotel New York has welcomed millions of visitors and immersed them in New York culture, the design of architect Michael Graves and the atmosphere of the Big Apple, and we will today say both "goodbye" to the Hotel New York as we know it since 1992 and "hello" to the upcoming Disney's Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel, thanks to great pictures from Max, D&M contributor and DLP Welcome webmaster, and new concept-arts released by Disneyland Paris, and more. But first a bit more with today's DLP press release about the Disney's Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel:

"As it prepares for the most dramatic transformation in its history - the hotel will reopen in 2020 with the new name Disney's Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel - Disneyland Paris celebrated the Cast Members of the hotel and its heritage while unveiling exciting new details on the new chapter in the institution's history.

"This is a new chapter that opens with unforgettable memories, both for our visitors and for all of our Cast Members who have worked there." Said Martina Sardelli, Vice President, Hotel Operations and Disney Village, "Disneyland Paris continues to move forward, to be on the cutting edge to exceed expectations. It is precisely this taste for innovation and this avant-garde spirit that we celebrate today. "

An epic transformation

The renovation of the hotel will provide an environment reminiscent of a luxurious and contemporary Manhattan. Its interior design will be elegant and cosmopolitan, recalling the style and tastes of Tony Stark and the Avengers' headquarters, and will present Marvel's art to reinvent the idea of ​​an "art hotel". Limited editions will adorn the walls of the rooms and suites. Beyond the rooms, vibrant works displayed in public spaces will present the artistic richness of the Marvel universe: comics, films, drawings, sculptures, costumes ... all in the style of a contemporary art gallery in New York . The works will include comic book covers, posters, movie illustrations, storyboards, production sets, accessories, original sketches, media and more!

The hotel will offer 476 standard rooms, 65 executive rooms and 8 standard suites. The interiors of the bedroom reflect Tony Stark's sophisticated urban style, with a palette of colors reminiscent of his Iron Man armor and works featuring the Marvel Super Heroes.

Unique suites will be designed around the Marvel Super Heroes and New York. For these suites, a Marvel artist will be responsible for creating superb works featuring Super Heroes.

New York and the Marvel universe meet in a sophisticated and fun environment, presenting Marvel's art in a new and exciting way. Disney's Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel will reopen in the summer of 2020.

An increased presence of Marvel at Disneyland Paris

In February, The Walt Disney Company announced a multi-year development plan of 2 billion euros for Disneyland Paris. This new expansion plan includes a transformation of the Walt Disney Studios Park, including three new themed areas dedicated to Marvel, The Frozen and Star Wars, as well as several new attractions and shows. This new space will allow visitors to meet their favorite heroes, from Doctor Strange's mystical arts to Spider-Man's dizzying feats. They will also be able to discover the latest experiences created by Pym Technology with Ant-Man and Wasp and will be able to team up with Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Captain America and many others.

But visitors will not have to wait for the opening of the new zone to live the Marvel experience at Disneyland Paris! After the first season of the Marvel Superheroes last summer, Captain America, Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and Black Widow will be back in a second edition full of epic adventures in 2019. This time new heroes, like Captain Marvel and Groot, our favorite Guardian, will join them."

Okay, now let's have a look at the real thing would we? Here are pictures of the Hotel New York as it was before its closure recently. First the outside of it which shouldn't change that much, except for the new logo of course, unveiled today and that you can see above at the top.

Let's move inside now as things will become interesting. First, here is the current hotel lobby...


And how it will look once the Disney's Hotel New York - Art of Marvel Hotel will reopen in 2020.

Nearby there is a first restaurant...

And here is how it will look in 2020.

The pictures below shows some hallwaays as designed b Michael Graves in tribute to Manhattan when the New York Hotel opened in 1992, no doubt that the giant visuals on the floor and the walls will be changed... well as the New York pictures around the elevators...

Moving up to the rooms here is the current hallway...

...which should look like this once redesigned. This is actually a picture of a "hallway test" found on Google.

Right now the Hotel New York rooms look like this:

And here is how they will look in the future Disney's Hotel New York - Art of Marvel Hotel. First, the official picture released by DLP.

And below, pictures of the test room created inside the hotel, pictures found on Google or DLPBP.

I've been told that an encrusted TV will be as large as the mirror below. Please note that these are pictures of a test room and that decor elements can - and most probably will - be changed in the final room version.

The next picture shows the current bathroom...

...and below the future bathroom, and i've been told that 20% of the rooms will have shower only, and the others rooms bathtub + shower.

Now, why is Disney completely renovating the hotel, did he really needed it? Hell, yes! As you will see  on the pictures below, considering that the Hotel New York is supposed to be a 4 star hotel DLP should be ashamed to offer rooms that are far from the standing and expected quality for the room price. Torn tapestry, stained and marked wood, delaminated wooden plinths and studs, fittings worn for years, mould stains on joints…. It’s quite an adventure! This being for the visible part, the thermal and acoustic insulation of the Windows is also deplorable.

As you've seen, no doubt that the hotel definitely needed an urgent renovation and considering the works the 18 months announced won't be too much. So, let's meet again in 2020 for the reopening og the New York Hotel with its new Art of Marvel theming!

Pictures: copyright DLP Welcome, Disney, DR


C.S. Schlottmann said...

This is really one of the dumber ideas Disney's had in awhile. Hotel New York featured a timeless theme which, while needing the occasional upgrade, did not need to feature sketches of Marvel characters. The superhero film genre is being way over-saturated at the moment, and I suspect that within 10 years Disney will be rethemeing the hotel again in an effort to keep it from looking dated.

Patrick Mühlbeyer said...

I agree. In a few years this will look like the Armageddon show or the studio tram tour. It will take a bit longer but it will happen. I like that they get rid of the oldschool bathrooms.

Nic Krmaer said...

Over-saturated? There were way more westerns in the past than Super hero films now.