Saturday, January 5, 2019

Meet Urban Explorer MattSonswa, Banned TWICE For Life From WDW, Exploring WDW Most Forbidden Places !

Youtuber MattSonswa is what is called a "urban explorer". You know, these folks who explore inhabited houses, restaurants, theatres, etc... But he also apparently love Disney Parks and visited some WDW places where you're not supposed to go, and actually are not even allowed to go! Result: Matt is may be the only man in the world who has been banned "for life" TWICE from WDW!

And apparently, as you'll see below, it didn't stopped him to go back and explore again WDW places that are strictly forbidden. Actually, Matt is quite a sympathetic young guy from what i can see in the first video below. Basically, i think he has a transgressive structure and he can't help and need to transgress whatever he does, may be to "push" his own limits. I like him, he looks cool and handsome, and you'll be amazed by all the risks he takes - something that of course you definitely must not do yourself. Urban exploring is great but of course doing it at WDW put you in danger and eventually breaking the law or Disney regulations, and that's why he's been banned twice "for life" from WDW.

So, i suggest that we start by this first video in which he introduces himself and explain why he was banned twice from WDW.

Before moving to Matt's videos exploring WDW extinct attractions here is one about an attraction which is not at all extinct - Big Thunder Mountain - and Matt decided to climb at night WDW Big Thunder, with the security folks at just a few yards from him! As say a Youtuber comment to the video: "He's got the biggest balls in the wilderness!" ( read the others fun comments on Youtube too )

Let's move now to the exploration of extinct attractions and in the next video Matt is inside Epcot Wonders of Life pavilion to explore the long extinct "Body Wars"!

While being inside Wonders of Life, Matt has also "visited" the now extinct "Cranium Command".

In the next video, always filmed inside Wonders of Life pavilion Matt explore the Met-Life VIP Lounge and as you'll see, the visit didn't really went well for him this time...

The next video will show you Matt exploring an abandoned Disney Quest at WDW Disney Springs before it was destroyed not so long ago to make room for the NBA building opening later this year.  And don't go away as the best is yet to come!

Decades ago Disney closed the famous River Country water park as well as Discovery Island located nearby and, no surprise, Matt explored both of them! Let's start by a visit of River Country, or what is left of it as nature invaded each inch of it.

Next stop: Discovery Island where Matt actually went TWICE! Here is the video of his first "visit" in 2017...

...and here is the video of his second visit in 2018 after a hurricane went over WDW, and as you'll see Discovery Island looks now even worse than in the first vid.

Now, Discovery Island being an Island of course, the question that many asked was "how did you went there?". You have the answer in the podcast below in which Matt shares his stories about his Discovery Island exploration.

And here is the icing on the top of the cake as Matt succeeded to find Walt Disney's famous airplane, the one that guests could see during the now extinct Disney MGM Studios Tram Tour and which is now hidden in a remote area of WDW. And not only he found Walt's plane but he went inside it!

And that's it for now for Matt's urban exploring videos at WDW, but there is plenty of others great videos of Matt exploring others places than WDW so don't miss to have a look at his Youtube page HERE.

All videos: copyright MattSonswa

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