Sunday, January 27, 2019

The New Universal Studios Hollywood Jurassic World River Ride Will Have a Finale With TWO Giant Dinosaurs Fighting Above Your Heads!

I've got some great infos for you to start the week, and these are about the new version of the Jurassic Park river ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, to be re-named Jurassic World.

This is all about the finale, the last scene before the fall. Before the first version of the ride closed, the final scene that we all know was basically the one on the picture below with the real size T-Rex appearing above guests right before the fall.

Now, we've learned from Screamscape some months ago that "once you will enter the building for the finale portion of the ride, we have heard we can expect to see large screens put to use in various areas along with special effects to show off various new dinosaur threats that were previously done with Audio-Animatronics". 

But that about when the boat will go up during the lift. What i'm hearing about the final scene is that there will be a fight between TWO real size dinosaurs, one of the two being the T-Rex and the other one most probably the infamous and highly dangerous Indominus Rex!

And of course both will be fighting above your heads as you have the final drop, the boat with the guests passing right under the two giant dinos. If you don't remember their fight at the end of Jurassic World, check the video below:

Now, may be you think, wait a minute, where are they going to put a T-Rex AND an Indominus Rex up there? It's true that at first sight the room don't look that big enough but look at the picture below, showing the room before the fall...

I'm not sure they can remove the tanks on the left because they might need them for the smoke/fog effect. And on the right i don't know either if it is just show decor or if it hides in fact some tech needed for the ride. But if they remove the tanks on the left they could easily put one of the two beasts there. And the other dino, you ask? Well, may be the T-Rex won't move and stay the same way, always apppearing at the last minute, except that this time it won't be to scare you  ...but to save you form the threatening Indominus Rex! This last part is just supposition from me but it would make sense, no?

Wait, it's not over yet as there is another dino that may also appear during the ride as you might also encounter the now famous Mosasaurus "sea dino" during your tour when things will go wrong! They need a big space of water for this one so i wonder where they'll put it - may be at the end, afer the fall? ...although it could be at the start as the first lift hill of the ride as a rumor is saying that the boat is supposed to enter an enclosed new show building ...where may be the Mosasaurus will be. Originally you were going up the lift hill and curve to the left and then it said “Welcome to Jurassic Park" and the door opened, now if the rumor is right, it’s apparently all enclosed, that whole outdoor scene. Imagine Shanghaî Disneyland Pirates of Caribbean huge IMAX screens in the background with real sets in the inside... So may be the Mosasaurus will be a projection, after all? It might be too difficult to realize as an Audio-Animatronic... we'll see.

The newly themed Jurassic World ride will open in a few months so we'll see if all of this is confirmed, but in the meantime it sounds incredibly exciting!

Pictures: copyright Universal

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