Wednesday, February 27, 2019

"Mystery Mansion" Ride Coming to Bangkok Asiatique Night Market

Winter is the best season in South_East Asia and here is a news for those of you planning a stop in Bangkok: At Asiatique, the popular night market located near the Chao Praya river, is currently built near the giant Ferris Wheel a dark ride titled "Mystery Mansion"! Supposedly opening in two months inside an impressive two floor high show-building it won't be a walk-through mystery house but a real dark ride with ride vehicles hold by the top - like Peter Pan's Flight - and moving from the ground floor to the upper floor and down again. The ride system is apparenlty already in place but not the theming inside, and we're curious to see what will be the theming once finished!

According to D&M Facebook page reader Suradech Timklub the ride was bought at ride manufacturer Gosetto in Italy and should be the same than in Long Island Adventureland park and it appears to be a slightly sophisticated version of the Ghost Train concept. I've found some videos of it on Youtube and let's start by these two showing the ride filmed different way.

The next video is coming from Gosetto which designed the ride and is interesting as it shows it in test mode "lights on", and we can see the different limited Animatronics in action.

Always at Asiatique, at just a few meters of this Mystery Mansion visitors can ride a bike looking a lot like TRON Lightcycles, except that here it's not a ride but just an area like a karting in which guests can move their bike - nothing really special, so.

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