Monday, March 11, 2019

D&M Exclusive Pictures : Tokyo DisneySea Expansion Construction Site Update

Let's start the week with some exclusive pictures showing Tokyo DisneySea expansion site which were kindly sent to me by Daniel, faithful D&M reader. The pictures were shot from the TDR Monorail and show the expansion site, formerly TDR parking lot, where three new mini lands for Frozen, Peter Pan and Tangled as well as a new hotel will be built and open at Tokyo DisneySea in 2023, see artwork above and the previous D&M article HERE.

The first picture below shows the part of TDR parking lot which will NOT be used for the new lands but the picture is interesting as in the background you can see the back of the show building of the upcoming Beauty and the Beast attraction at Tokyo Disneyland. As usual, click on each picture to see them in big size.

The next picture shows the huge piece of land which was parking lot before and where works have started to build the three mini-lands. Note the bus passing by on the bottom? It's because for now they've apparently kept a road and on the other side of the road, at the bottom, there is another construction site.

The next photo shows the "big picture" with both the land for the new lands and the other piece of land at the bottom which i have the feeling might be the one where they will build some wings of the new hotel.

More pictures of the construction site. We're still at the beginning but in two years from now it will be interesting to take the TDR Monorail and discover the new lands slightly from above.

The right of the two pictures below shows the back of Tokyo DisneySea Lost River Delta and of the show building of teh Indiana Jones Adventure ride.

And that's it for today's TDR update pictures, for more details and all artworks about the new lands see the previous D&M article HERE. Another TDR pictorial update will come soon, so stay tuned on D&M!

Credit photos : Facebook : Daniel Rous Super Photographe - Instragram : Daniel Rous Super Photographe

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Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the untouched parking lot in pic 1 IS part of this project, at least for the hotel. Look at it on Google Maps in relation to the Monorail Station in the lower left foreground. At least half of that parking lot should be incorporated, they just haven't begun site prep yet.