Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Invite Your Friends to Your Own Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Tea Party With Disney Meetings and Events !

Did you know about a Disney division called "Meetings and Events"? At Disney Meetings & Events, they take inspiration from classic stories to create meaningful experiences for the guests. Whether you’re planning a very merry (un)birthday party, family reunion, or milestone celebration, the team can craft an immersive, customized event that will provide a memorable, engaging experience for attendees of any age.

They unveiled recently their featured event theme "Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Tea Party", so Let’s take a look at how the attendees can “fall down the rabbit hole” into Wonderland with an event based on the classic animated Disney film Alice in Wonderland.

From the moment Guests enter the room, they will be completely awed that they’ve been immersed into a fantastical scene where their imagination will run free. With oversized chairs, captivating props, and a themed backdrop, your group will be delighted by the intricate level of detail in the setting and décor.

The Mad Hatter will arrive to welcome everyone to the Mad Tea Party, engaging and interacting with your attendees as a memorable introduction to the event. As everyone takes their seat, they will be delighted by the steaming teapots, vibrant floral arrangements, bread-and-butterflies, and other animated table effects that give a nod to the animated classic and truly bring the story to life.

Some of Wonderland’s favorite delicacies can be featured on your custom menu, including the “Queen of Hearts” Headless Shrimp and Blood Orange Sauce, “Mock Turtle” Lobster Risotto with Buttered Fava Beans, and “Pocket Watch” Thyme Pocket Bread with Sea Salt. To give your attendees a greater variety of dining options, you can also incorporate the “Blue Caterpillar Smoker” Action Station, “Tweedledee and Tweedledum” Action Station, and “Rabbit Hole” Action Station into the meal.

Of course, what is a Wonderland-themed party without the signature “Eat Me” cookies and “Drink Me” beverages? These drinks and desserts make for excellent party favors for your guests to take home. You may also consider additional themed dessert options, such as “painting the roses red” cupcakes and “tea cup” tiramisu!

As an added enhancement to this whimsical event, attendees can also receive a surprise visit from Alice, the White Rabbit, or the talking Doorknob. You can also add a photography package to capture candid moments throughout the event.

This private group dining experience gives event planners the ability to adjust and arrange elements to fit their location, timeline and budget, all while keeping attendees engaged and excited. Various elements of food and beverage, décor, and entertainment can be tailored to the group’s preferences.

Disney Meetings and  Events can help you to create the perfect meeting or private event for any size group, theme and objective. To speak with a Disney Meetings & Events representative about pricing and options available at Disney Parks & Resorts destinations in Florida, California, Hawaii or at international destinations, jump to this page to get more details and contact them.

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