Friday, May 24, 2019

First Pictures of Disneyland Galaxy's Edge Appears on the Web as The Land Has Its First Previews

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge open in one week at Disneyland and the first previews are currently happening for Disneyland CMs. They're normally not allowed to shoot pictures but you know how human nature is, so first pictures are now appearing on internet. The pics below are a selection so far and this article WILL be updated all along the week-end when i will find others pics.

Let's start by something we all love: attraction posters! Above and below, four of them for Batuu, Black Spire Outpost and the Millenium Falcon.

Next is the guide map for Galaxy's Edge.

A picture showing the Milenium Falcon, and not too many people aorund it during this preview.

These pictures below were shot inside the queen for the Falcon ride. Apprarently it looks very similar to the queen for Pandora Flight of Passage with a different theming of course.

Talking about the Millenium Falcon ride, no full ride video is of course available yet but you can see 7 seconds of it - not more, but 7 exciting seconds! - in the video below.

This picture below shows Chewie sit upon a creature which was supposed to be in the original Star Wars but George Lucas cut it out of the movie. Now the creatures head lives in Galaxy’s Edge!

Here is the Menu for the drinks at Oga's Cantina!

Have a closer look to the pciture below as the paper wristband on the pciture below as chances are guests who have a reservation for the next weks to visit SWL will have the same, indicating the start and end time they're allowed in the land.

Here is the special Coke bottle!

More pics now of merchandise items.

Seems to me that the last picture shows some of the crystals that you choose when you're doing your laser saber. 

Stay tuned on D&M for more pics to be added soon!

All pictures: copyright their respective owners, and Disney

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