Monday, June 17, 2019

Disney Apparently Want to Remove WDW Country Bear Jamboree, Let Disney Know Right NOW That You Don't Want This to Happen !

There is a serious "Red Alert" today as WDWNT has posted that Disney is planning to close the beloved WDW Country Bear Jamboree to replace it by a puppet /AA Toy Story show ( see post below ). What of Walt's legacy will they destroy next? The Enchanted Tiki Room? DL It's a Small World? ( as rumored by Mice Age last week? ) The Carousel of Progress? Sure, they won't remove the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of Caribbean or Jungle Cruise, but these smaller attractions are also part of Walt's legacy, we all love them and they should NEVER been removed, just like a historical monument.

By the way, they don't do it only to place more modern IPs in the parks, and also not only to sell more merchandise, but for another reason if not the mainly one, i.e to SAVE money on a new show building construction cost. They could perfectly leave WDW Country Bear Jamboree where it is - it is an attraction having a low operational cost as it don't request dozens of cast-members - and build a new Toy Story show somewhere else at Frontierland ( or even better at DHS Toy Story land where it will fit more naturally ) but it will require the cost of a new show building, which is exactly what they try to avoid to have to pay for. So, Walt legacy is destroyed little by little by people for whom the monthly bottom line is more important than anything else, and that is saying a lot about the lack of vision that these folks have...

Go to the WDWNT article HERE and POST your comment to let Disney know how furious you are if this removal of the Country Bear Jamboree is true. You can also leave your comment below but Disney is watching closely WDWNT ( as well ad D&M btw ), so do it NOW before it is announced officially at D23 because when the attraction will be gone we know it will never come back.

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Johnny Dangerous said...

This is just wrong on so many levels! Especially since they keep having problems with capacity! If you have TWO places for people to go instead of ONE, then you make the area less crowded! Here is what I posted on

"No. No, no, no, no, nooooooooooo!

Ok Mr. Chapek, I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of your IP loving, short-sighted, marketing over creativity self!

Are IP’s evil? No. They have their place here and there. Again, the “blessing of size.” Build new, don’t just replace. But to slowly but surely strip away the very soul and essence of Walt’s and WED’s creation in exchange for flavor of the next few years’ IP is intolerable!

The Disney parks were built on the foundation of ORIGINAL, CREATIVE stories and characters. The reason so many people keep coming back to the parks is not just for the next brand new shiny thing. They come back because of beloved originals like Country Bear Jamboree, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, The Enchanted Tiki Room (remember how “Under New Management” worked out??), Jungle Cruise, Small World and so on! They are generational! I mean, just the RUMOR of touching things like Small World sets off a firestorm. Why? Because attractions like that, so lovingly made by Walt and his talented Imagineers, have a ton of heart and are the identity of Magic Kingdom/Disneyland. Just look at the reaction towards the removal of Stitch’s Great Escape! While there were some that grumbled it was going away, overall the majority were fine with it. Why is this? Because it was an IP based overlay with little heart or soul to it. And that’s saying something because people really like Stitch in general.

Disney, if you remove something like Country Bears from the Magic Kingdom, you are going down a slippery slope. You’re taking away a foundation stone and your “house” is going to become unstable. I know it’s hard to see that right now as you’re packing out your parks and pushing attendance numbers through the roof, but if you slowly but surely start removing what makes the Magic Kingdom, well…magical, then those crowds will start to taper off. It may not show at first, but it will happen, because what will there be to invest in? What will bring a kid back decades later with his own family and kids? For me, it was things like the Carousel of Progress and Jungle Cruise, and COUNTRY BEAR JAMBOREE. That’s what I want my kids to experience. Those are the attractions that stick with you and define “Disney.”

It’s sad that the Oriental Land Company seems to know Disney better than Disney knows itself…"

Anonymous said...

They probably would close the toy story story show in a few years like they did with stich's great escape after destroying the alien show at magic kingdom which was something else original.

Anonymous said...

Boy, you sure did fall right into Clickbait Corless' plan. WDWNT is not a trustworthy source. They steal content from other pages (in some cases straight copy/pasting it and claiming it as their own) - and when there isn't info to plagiarize, they make it up. Until a reputable source reports something on this, don't buy anything Tom & Co. try to sell you.

Alain Littaye said...

To Anonymous: Actually i promise you that i don't fall into any WDWNT "clickbait plan". What i do is todouble check with my own good sources ( and certainly better ones than those of WDWNT ) to know if there is any truth or if it's simply false or BS. Believe me, if there was nothing true in WDWNT rumor, i'll be the first to let you know here.