Saturday, September 7, 2019

Bangkok Fantasia Lagoon Water Park Will Remind Disneyland Paris Fans the Lava Lagoon Project That Never Was

You know the famous quote at Walt Disney Imagineering: "Good ideas never die at WDI"? Well, they certainly don't die and can even reappear outside WDI!

Disneyland Paris fans know well the DLP water park project that never was titled "Lava Lagoon", supposed to have a huge volcano at its center - see previous D&M article HERE. Universal Volcano Bay water park took the principle of a volcano at the center and did something different than WDI 1990's concept, but DLP fans who still regret the Lava Lagoon project will have to come to Thailand as i discovered not so long ago that another water park exist with a volcano at its center, and this one is in Bangkok!

Called "Fantasia Lagoon", it's certainly a smaller water park and volcano than the one imagined by WDI Imagineers, or even Universal's Volcano Bay, as it is stick to a big shopping mall but i've found some pictures of it on the web, so let's have a look at it, would we?

From the press release: "Fantasia Lagoon is a relatively large and attractive water park built on the roof of The Mall Shopping Center, near Bangkok. Fantasia Lagoon got refurbished recently and is a fun place for kids and young adults to spend a day with huge pools and decent size sliders, and in addition you have the entire mall to play with including a very attractive games and entertainment zone located right below the water park.

Fantasia Lagoon - with a low entry fee - is divided into several zones, accommodating children of all ages - Fantasy Fountain for the youngest, Pirate Cove and the Slider Tower for the more daring, and everything in between: Magic Jungle, Mystery Island and Ocean 10 are full of water activities, games and fun features to thrill kids for a great afternoon of splashing fun.

Once you are running out of energy, just drift along the Lazy River on an inflatable tube or sit near the stage where entertainers involve kids in balloon shows, magic shows and other fun games. And of course there is no fun without food so you can order Thai dishes and plenty of ice cream at the food court."

I quite like the bamboo theming of the slides, i think it's a pretty good idea. One of the slides enters inside the volcano.

Does the water park has a lazy river? Hell, yes!

As often in South-East Asia water parks Fantasia Lagoon includes plenty of multi colored water areas where kids enjoy playing. 

It's definitely a small water park but the theming don't look bad to me and if one day it happens that you come to Thailand here is Fantasia Lagoon Facebook page with all infos to find it as well as a video trailer below in which you'll discover that the park has even a hidden treasure!

Pictures and video : copyright Fantasia Lagoon - The Mall

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