Wednesday, February 12, 2020

DLP Walt Disney Studios Frozen Land Blueprints !

You were awaiting them, here are the blueprints of the future Frozen land at the Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris, thanks to our friends from OutsideEars who posted them on their Facebook page HERE.

The new Frozen land - official concept-art above - will include a flume ride attraction, identical to the one currently under construction at Hong Kong Disneyland which itself will be close to the ride at Epcot Norway's pavilion, two shops as well as a restaurant and a meet and greet location with Anna and Elsa from Arendelle.

The two first blueprints below shows Arendelle village buildings and, behind, the mountain and the Ice Castle near the top.

Next one below is a map of the land. Note the canal on the right as well as the "bassin d'agrément" on teh top right. A rumor is saying that the WDS will have a floating parade - like they have at Tokyo DisneySea and floating floats would reach the future central lake moving through the canal.

But, wait, there is dozens more concept-arts, plans, etc... that have been posted by DLP Report, on which you can see where everything is indicated, from the dimensions of each buikding to the materials that will be used to build this or that element and, interestingly, we learn that the ride show building will be in fact "inside" the 36 meters high snow mountain - or, if you prefer, that the mountain will also be used to hide the show building.The Arendelle castle will be 21 meters high. It's extremely rare to be able to see this kind of documents before a land is built, so make sure to check all the pictures in the post shared on the D&M Facebook page HERE.

One more thing: No date has been announced yet for the opening of the Frozen land. As the Avengers Campus is opening in 2021, the Frozen land could open in 2023.

Pictures : copyright Disney

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