Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Disneyland Anaheim Disney Quest That Never Was

A few days ago i've posted on the D&M Facebook page a link to a good video about the history of the Disneyland Hotel. One 1990's artwork in the video is specially interesting as it shows the future Downtown Disney at Anaheim. And what do we see on it on the left? A Disney Quest building, which as we know was never built!

The idea driving Disney Quest was that it would be built in multiple key locations across the country, and they built one in Chicago shortly after they opened the one in WDW. They envisioned one in Philadelphia, San Francisco and the Disneyland Resort, then perhaps one at each Disney location around the world.

When the Chicago one opened it did fantastically well…on the weekends. It was virtually empty on the weekdays, so that scuttled the idea of non-Disney locations. Why it was not built at Disneyland…? Not sure but from what i've been told Paul Pressler - at this time at the head of Parks and Resorts - was nervous about its high operating and upkeep costs and not being able to leverage those across six or so other locations. So he pulled the plug on any further Disney Quests, and that was the end of the one envisioned for Disneyland Anaheim Downtown Disney.

Pictures: copyright Disney