Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Editor's Note: It's Disney and more third Anniversary this month and i have great articles for you. Alas, as i announced on Monday this month will also be probably the last one for D&M. More about this in yesterday's article. In the meantime, enjoy today's article with rare pictures of the making of POTC!


Phillip said...

I wanted to thank you for excellent artwork and photography as well as interesting articles. I've shared your web address with many Disney fans; everyone loved what they read and saw.
Best wishes as your life turns in other directions!

Anonymous said...

thank you for three years of one of the best sources of Disney-magic on the net!
You have achieved something to be proud of and remember:
We'll always have(Disneyland Resort)Paris......
Merci et Bonne Chance!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful expansion to your original article on main st some years back, Alain...explains these concept artworks so well. DLP has an amazing Main St but this 20s version would have been even more stunning from the perspective of an imagineering fan. I am not sure that any future magic kingdom will ever have the kind of budget or artistic freedom that DLP had...so I don't know if these concepts have any chance of ever being realized. But one can only hope.

Also Alain, if you have time in future, please consider doing books on DisneySea and on unbuilt Disney concepts, just like your wonderful book on DLP. I for one would definitely be lining up to buy, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

- Tasman