Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Disney and more Third Anniversary...and probably also the last one

It's Disney and more's three-year anniversary this week, and I have some good news and some bad news for you. Let's start with the good news: To celebrate our third anniversary, I will have some great articles for you in the next two weeks. Also, I will introduce not one, but two new D&M sections, and one of them will be a tribute to a great man and will have rare stuff you've never seen before. That's not all, as I will also disclose one of my most secret projects: a BIG Dinosaur attraction concept that I designed with Imagineer Jeff Burke seven years ago. And believe me, it's a real E-Ticket, the kind of ride that would cost $150M at WDI!

Now for the bad news: This third D&M Anniversary will be probably also the last one, because one month from now I will stop Disney and more. Nothing will disappear and the site will remain like it is, a fantastic source of theme park artwork and pictures, but I will stop doing articles every day as I have done for the last three years. I might come back from time to time for a special report when a new attraction will open, and chances are I will not be able to resist adding the Shanghaî Disneyland renderings to the D&M artwork collection when they become available!

There are several reasons for my decision, the first one is that it's exhausting to do articles every day in a language which is not your native language, and it's especially exhausting when you're as much of a perfectionist as I am. I also want to do something different with my life. But I have enjoyed very much doing the site during these last three years, and I want to thank all of you who have been so faithful to D&M. Last month D&M had a new record of visits with more than 120,000 visits, around 4,000 visits per day, which is really good considering that I don't really advertise the site. I want to thank Mice Chat and Disney Central Plaza who were the two D&M forums, and also Screamscape, Disney Report, Blue Sky Disney, the Disney Blog and many others who kindly posted links to D&M during these three years.

Those of you who have lived the Disney and more adventure since the beginning will probably remember it as a great experience. All I've tried to do was a really good theme park website, something as close to the ideal as possible, and a true tribute to WDI Imagineers - just like I did with my DLP book. And, as I know that sometime I have transgressed - though not too far, as I know where the not-to-be crossed "red line" is - I sincerely want to thank Walt Disney Imagineering for letting me post D&M articles for the last three years without censorship.

One of my reader kindly told me six months ago "Keep the Momentum, Alain!". Well, with more readers than ever, it's not the momentum which is leaving me, it's me who is leaving the momentum! Anyway, don't go away during this last month as you'll discover great articles, starting tomorrow with rare Imagineering pictures in part two of the Pirates of Caribbean "behind the scenes" article!


Anonymous said...

Well thanks for the hard work. I know I love your site. And It looks great.

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear you will stop publishing new articles, Alain. Loved and still love your site with beautiful pictures and good information. I wish you the very best in life and may the Disney Magic always be with you!


Jones said...

That´s sad news indeed - I just hope that from time to time, you will "return" to your site and post a few things. Thanks for all the great articles, and if you should ever decide to do a book on the Tokyo Disney Resort, just let me know and I´ll send you a blank cheque in advance :-)
All the best

Anonymous said...

Well I am only 16 and I read this site since 2 years .. I find it really sad that you stop doing this site , but I understand that you have to go other ways . Thank you for the grat time and all the excitement this website gave me =) , Tom =)

Matt said...

Good luck on your new endeavors, Alain, and thanks so much for building an amazing resource for Imagineering and concept art - can't thank you enough for helping to perpetuate my interests in these subjects!


Robert/Cologne said...

Very sad news ,Ive been loging on every day from the start and would not miss a day.
Thank you so much for giving me so much pleasure over the years and i will always cherish your signed book.
I understand you not wanting to go on but it will be a huge loss for me and many others.

Anonymous said...

Well, thanks for doing it as long as you have. I can understand that it would be challenging to write a blog in a different language. I love the site and the perspective you give to the Disney community. I'll sincerely miss this blog. I wish you nothing but the best!

Court said...

Sorry to see you throwing in the towel. I don't frequent many Disney sites but I like this one a lot. I'm more interested in the concept art and the people behind the scenes than I am rumors of new rides and where they'll be.

I'd love it if you posted links to some of your favorite Disney blogs sometime before you go.

Anonymous said...

Hello Alain et merci pour ce site fantastique. Je suis vraiment decu que tu decides d'arreter d'alimenter ce site (que je visite systematiquement tous les jours depuis plus d'un an) mais j'ose a peine imaginer l'investissement personnel que cela signifit et le temps que tu as du y passer... Donc merci pour tout et si l'inspiration te reviens n'hesites pas a recommencer a poster! Amicalement

Michael said...

I've never commented here before, but I want to let you know Alain that this site has been fantastic. I've loved all of the scoops and info you written. As a source of cool Disney info and insider articles it has been top notch. Your daily posts will be greatly missed. Thank yo so much for your hard work! God bless!

Anonymous said...

What a bad news, I'm sad to know that the site won't be upadated anymore.
I really enjoyed every single article.
I deeply understand that it is a time eater.
All the best.
Bon courage pour la suite ;-)


Anonymous said...

I too have enjoyed this site. It (just recently :\) became one of my go-to Disney sites. What can we do to convince you to stay around? No need to blog daily (I know how that can be), what about writing a couple posts per week, or even weekly posts? I love the content here and would hate to see it disappear.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alain,

My primary feeling in reading this post is gratefulness. Having been an avid reader of your site after discovering it some two years ago, I am very thankful for all the time, hard work, and amazing stories you have shared with us. I have learned things at this site I have never seen elsewhere, and I have enjoyed coming here immensely.

Will I miss seeing new posts? Absolutely! At the same time, I completely understand and wish you all the best in your new endeavors--whatever they may be.

I also want to thank you for your willingness to keep the site up--I know I enjoy just digging into the archives!

Again, thank you for a marvelous run....and I will look forward to whatever updates may come in the future--big, small, or not at all.

Brer Dan

Disneyana World said...

I'm definitely going to miss your updates.

From one blogger to another, thanks for all the work you put in.

Kelly said...

So sad to read this, Iove to visit every day, and as an artist I love the beautiful concept art that gets posted. I will sincerely miss your articles!!!!!
Many Thanks

Marco Antonio Garcia. São Paulo, Brasil. said...

Very, very sad!
I am really going to miss reading this blog, that I consider to be the best Disney related, almost every day.
Hope you do a new Disney Theme Park book (Tokyo, Shangay?), as the one about Disneyland Paris that you did is one of the best I've ever read about any Disney theme park.
I would also not mind reading your blog in French, (I do not know why everything have to be in English nowadays).

Anonymous said...

I've never actually commented on here before - I've just been a faithful reader... but I must say that I will miss your posts. I understand how time consuming they must be and how much of a pain it could be to translate... and I appreciate it so much! Your English is EXCELLENT.

Maybe you could do a weekly posting? With highlights?

Oh well - do what's best for you.

I will miss this site... but will keep it bookmarked so I can continue to read it for its excellent information and pictures.

Thank you SO much for your contribution all these years!

-Chris, Chicago, IL, USA

PirateGuy 815 said...

Thank you so much for all you have done. I read your articles all the time, and I love looking at all the concept art. It is truly a great blog. Thanks for all your work!

Anonymous said...

A great site, one of my (multiple) daily visits is closing!!!! I loved the articles and lots of the fantastic stuff and news you always find out to put on this site!!!!

I will miss it!!!




Matt said...

Thanks for all of the informative articles, I've so enjoyed your site.

Anonymous said...

Alain, thank you so much for your blog. Please consider, even if not posting every day, maybe still post once in a while, especially if you obtain some great artwork or photos as only you know how to do.

Sincerely - Tasman

Anonymous said...

As an Imagineer, I've discovered elements on your site that have rarely been uncovered at the Flower St. Campus. Don't go - how will we get our news about the inner workings of our own shop...?

Mark said...

Thank you for eveything- your site will always be a favorite! And thanks for all the help and wisdom regarding my blog and your kind words. May God bless you as you go on to newe adventures!

RandySavage said...

I'm not certain, but I believe the bigger theme park sites like Screamscape, LaughingPlace & MiceChat produce enough revenue through ads+traffic that it is a full-time, paying business for the site operator.

In this case of Disney&More, probably gets most - if not all - of D&M's ad revenue.

With fairly modest investment you could probably acquire the domain and set up a similar revenue-producing company - complete with a message board.

I say all this because D&M is always the first Disney website I check. I've maintained for a few years that it is the #1 theme park site. It has the endorsement of key imagineers, like Sotto & Burke. On the internet, Content is King, and no site provides the kind of consistent content that Disney&More does.

Alain's knowledge is backed up by the fact that his (and Didier's) book is the best one ever published about a Disney Park. Like someone above mentioned, it would be incredible to have similar volumes for other Tier I parks (like DisneySea, IOA, Animal Kingdom, Disneyland, etc.) - maybe that could be your next project!

I've written enough, but I've been following since the beginning and particularly appreciate all the park development posts (artwork, imagineer interviews, etc.). I will really miss it.

Best of luck


Anonymous said...

So Sad
i think the best are always leaving us

your articles are fantastics, great photos, great art what we'll do, there's no other place to find what we find here, a real tribute to the people who create the magic and the truth about how difficult is sometimes to do it.

thank you alain because i could use your work for people who speaks spanish at DESTINOS DISNEY, now i can say only thank you!!!!

Marco Antonio Garcia. said...

I forgot to say, it is imagineering that must thank you, not the opposite. You've done the greatest tribute possible to this great organization and to all of Walt's legacy.

You should definately work at the Walt Disney Co. or at EuroDisney S.C.A., because you certainly have the passion and the knowledge for it. Disney needs more Disney fans in their staff, that knows what Disney fans wants, specially in the marketing department.

Wish you all the best in your new projects and thank you very much for all the posts.

Anonymous said...

Don't go! This site is in the top 3 of best Disney blogs.
You produce great content. You will be missed. Thanks for all you've done.

AJ said...

Your site will be sorely missed, Alain. It is truly one of the best Disney sites on the web. I look forward to your "stopping by" to share any treats you find in the future. Until then, best of luck with all of your new directions.

elena said...

Sorry to hear you will be stopping, I love your articles!
Many thanks for all your hard work, and best wishes for your future!

Valéran said...

J'aurais aimé que ce soit un poisson d'avril...Une bougie de plus avec son lot de bonnes et moins bonnes choses...
En tout cas merci pour tout !
Je vous lis depuis déjà un bon bout de temps (d'ailleurs ça doit faire pas loin de 3 ans !) et c'étais avec grand plaisir que je dévorais vos articles ! Une vrai mine d'or sur le monde de l'imagineering si passionnant !
Encore une fois merci pour tout, dans l'attente des nouvelles rubriques !

PS: Y aurait'il possibilité de vous joindre pas mail ? Car j'aurais une petite question à vous poser !

liako said...

That is very very sad news, you'll be greatly missed.
Thank you so much for all your work and for sharing so many amazing posts with us.
I wish you all the best for your new projects.
I still hope this won't be the end of Disney and More.

jl.yo said...

Gracias , gracias y más GRACIAS . Siempre me ha encantado entrar en su pagina . Espero que encuentres lo que buscas y tengas animos para sorprendernos de vez en cuando

Desde España : Un Fuerte Abrazo
Jose Luis

Unknown said...

That's sad news. I've really enjoyed reading your blog (and your book!) over the last couple of years.

Dr Bitz said...

Thank you for so much great work. Disney and More is the best and most accurate source of positive and exciting Disney information. It was always that.."more" You work so hard on every interview and brought us all something special every post and over delivered. We also know that you need to have a life so we're all for that too.In anything you attempt, I'm sure it will be great. Thanks again for all the great work, YOU are a Disney legend!

Anonymous said...

Will miss your daily updating very much - you are always my first site of the day. Best wishes for the future.

AlexValve said...

Alain, Thanks so much for making this site. I'm sad that your updates will be gone, but i wish you the best of luck for your plans.

Adam, "MarkTwain" said...

Thanks, Alain, for your continued devotion to this blog! Although I've only been a reader for the last year or so, your website has been a fascinating source of rare artwork and Disney news. I especially appreciate your effort in reaching out to us English native-speakers. Although I will miss seeing this page updated daily, I wish you good luck with your future endeavors!

Anonymous said...

Just GRACIAS DE CORAZON for all the effort on these years, for me not reading your update every night before going to be sleep would be really difficult.
Saludos desde España

Aaron Schaber said...

Thank you so much for all the info you've posted here. It has given me a window into Disney that I would have never been able to reach without D&M. As an artist myself, I love to read about the process of imagineering at Disney, and how it's differed internally from the 50's to present. I am eternally grateful.

Carsten, Denmark said...

I want to say thank you for the best website on Disney magic. You've done a tremendous job. Especially the artwork of the theme parks have been interesting to watch. I also own your book on Disneyland Paris - A fantastic book. I hope you'll write more books about the other Disney themeparks in the future. A book about Tokyo Disneyland / Disney Sea is much needed. I know It's a hard job updating a website every day, but you've done it so fantastic that I've been checking this website every day since the first day I visited it. The web is going to miss your hard work. I hope the website will stay online. It's the best resource on Disney theme parks on the internet. Thank you for bringing us the Disney magic.

Anonymous said...

The only good news of this is that you gonna have much time to write another great book about Disney theme parks !! I will miss this great blog...

Anonymous said...

Sad sad news. This was my daily dose of pixiedust =)
I hope one day in the future you may reconsider....

Thanks for three wonderful years!

- M.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Thats so sad! I love the blog!!!

I read it pretty much every day! I love your attention to detail and high quality!

Adam (UK)

Anonymous said...

Very sad to see you go. Love checking your website on a daily basis.

It's great to see someone else with the same passion for Disney Parks and all the magic they contain.

Cheers to you!


Anonymous said...

I have greatly enjoyed your lovely, lovely blog. I hope you'll come back and visit with us again sometime! Life is too short without a little magic in it!

Nic said...

Dear Alain,

please don't stop this amazing blog, it is by far the best blog for anyone interested in the creative process of theme park imagineering! I check it every day and I can not imagine for it to not be continued.

How about you restrict yourself to only one post per week or so? Wouldn't that give you the time needed for your planned endavours?

Your posts are so rich in content that it would not even matter if it is one post per week or even one per two weeks, but please don't stop!

Love your work, both here and in the book!

Kind Regards

Unknown said...

That's a really sad news...(( Your blog is one of the most interesting and informative! The best of the best!! It helped me to learn lots of amazing thing about Disney, which I don't think I could ever learn without you! Thank you for that great opportunity! I hope you will post here another articles, maybe not so often, but I will wait))
Hope you will do another projects about Disney)) I really wish you good luck with all of your plans!! I wish your dreams come true)))
Thanks again for that wonderful blog!!!

Salon Mickey said...

I just wanted to say thank you for creating such an interesting and wounderful website about Disneyland Paris.

I too own your book on Disneyland Paris and hope one day that you will write another on Disney themeparks in the future.

I check your site every weekend and I am going to miss your hard work.

Good look for the future.


Unknown said...

I'm sad to see you go, too. I will be enjoying your archives though. I first visited Disneyland Paris in the mid-90's (I was there when the OJ verdict was read, interestingly enough) and I really enjoyed it. My plan is to one day take make children to see it, too.

WOKcreative said...

Thanks for all that you have done. I truly enjoy the site and your book. We will all look forward to any submissions that you can still keep on making, as you have the time and opportunity. It is great to see so much research and great art work made available.
Thanks again, and for still keeping it all here to view, reference and come back to (and for all that is to come).

Doug Bain

Stefan Wittorf said...

Hey Alain!
First I want to say that it is a pity that you stop writing D&M articles.
I loved and still love reading them, cause they are very informative and good written. And I think we won't get such background informations elsewhere in the web.
But I understand your decision to stop it now.
I also understand your reason, that it is hard to write these articles in a language which is not your native language. But this is still the cause that makes your articles so good and easily reading by people, like me, whose native language is also not english.

I wish you all the best for your future.

Best regards from Germany.

Stefan Wittorf

PS: I love your Disneyland Paris book. Allthough my copy of this book is unsigned, cause I bought it in 2007 directly in DLPs Storybook Store.

Anonymous said...

Dear Alain,

As theme park designer, I'm really sad that this adventure is over. You cannot imagine how many professionals in the world of theme parks have been following your blog these years. Thanks! Marco Bressan Ozlab Funfactory, Italy