Friday, April 9, 2010

Disneyland Paris Main Street U.S.A at Night

Considering this week two previous articles were about DLP's Main Street U.S.A this new article will fit perfectly with the theme of the week. So, below is a series of pictures i shoot on March 27th of Main Street at night.

Main Street U.S.A is always beautiful with the night lighting but i did it also for another reason: i wanted to test the "twilight mode" of my new Sony digital camera. Although it was already the night and not anymore sunset, it worked pretty well as you will see. How does it works? very simple: the camera takes a series of ten pictures or so in less than a second and makes a mix of the best. The result is interesting as it means that you can shoot at night and have pretty sharp pictures without using the flash or a stand! And without the "noise" on the final pic like what you can have when you push the ISO to be able to shoot at night without stand.

All the pictures you'll see below are not perfectly sharp mostly because i did this series quite quickly, shooting only one time each building. But if i had shoot each building two or three times i would have a perfect picture for each. Walking Disneyland guests are of course blur, but that's logical. At the end of the article i will give you the link to know more about this pretty good Sony camera.

Here we go for the Main Street walk-through and we begin by the entrance and Main Street Station. On the top of this article, the Disneyland Paris Hotel located at the entrance of the park. Click on each picture to enjoy them in big size.

The back of Main Street Station, seen from Town Square.

The City Hall on Town Square.

Main Street Transportation Co, right in front of the City Hall on the other side of Town Square.

The Bixby Brothers shop, next to Main Street Transportation Co.

Main Street U.S.A Emporium entrance, at the corner of Town Square.

The other entrance of the Emporium, at the corner of Flower Street.

Two pictures of the Walt's Restaurant and Flower street.

Market House Delicatessen, in front of the Walt's on the other side of Main Street.

Main Street Motors, right in front of the Market House Delicatessen.

The Market House Delicatessen facade is on the left, the picture was shoot facing towards Main Street Station.

The Gibson Girl at the entrance of Central Plaza.

Casey's Corner Restaurant right in front of Gibson Girl, also at the entrance of Central Plaza.

As you've seen the result is not that bad, specially considering that all of them were shoot very quickly. So, if some of you are interested to know more, these pictures were shoot with the Sony DSC-HX1 a small and light "bridge" 9.1 MP camera which has also a fantastic and extremely simple panoramic mode AND also can film in high definition 1440 x 1080! Here is the Sony page about it, the price in the U.S is around $399 on which is reasonable if we consider all the features of this digital camera.

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Anonymous said...

I have been researching my Great Grandmother's 1870 Stick house and see a lot of those elements in PDL's Mainstreet which is Magnificent and the 1920's lighting enhance all the great forms. I'm glad the fiber optic lighting faze died out. Thank you for a Great follow up to the other Mainstreet articles.