Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cars 2 : First Concept-arts & Teaser !

Disney/Pixar just released the first Cars 2 concept-arts as well as a teaser which clearly indicates that the awaited animated feature will also be a "spy" movie. You have the teaser below as well as the four concept-arts showing races in different countries/cities, i.e London, Paris, Porto Corsa and Japan.

I remind you Cars 2 synopsis: "Lightning McQueen, his pit crew and his new crew chief, Mater, head around the world for the "Race of Champions" taking place in five different countries: Japan, Austria, Italy, a 24-hour race in France and the United Kingdom. However, Mater, involved in a case of mistaken identity, saves the life of a British secret agent named Finn McMissile and finds himself embroiled in his world of international espionage."

I don't know about you but i'm a big fan of the first Cars movie and all the Cars characters so i'm really awaiting this sequel which looks promising!

Pictures and Video: copyright Disney-Pixar


Marco Antonio Garcia. said...

Those two types of cars running in the Mount Fuji picture do not race in the same category. Cars is one of my favorites though, and I am anxious for this sequel!

Q said...

porto corsa? lol

but why no montecarlo? :(

Alain Littaye said...

Monte Carlo is not in Italy.

Anonymous said...

I am having flash backs to Speed Racer by the Wachowski brothers

Anonymous said...

Je pense que le cote "espion" du teaser et peut-être aussi un gag lié à la sortie de MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4 la même année et réalisé par... Brard Bird.

Q said...

yeah, i know that, i'm italian =] i was thinking about montecarlo instead of paris, but they're doing a montecarlo-style race in a fake italian city (ok, i'm just pissed that there is no rome, that would have looked pretty amazing imho)

btw, big fan of your blog!