Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Disney MGM Studios celebration - Part One - original artwork

Remember the Epcot original artwork series of articles i did recently? Well, the same day i was at WDW photo library during the 25th anniversary press event, i also had the good idea to ask them some material about the Disney MGM Studios - which they delivered to me after approval of WDW Imagineering. Now, with the digital era we are living in i'm not sure it will still be possible to have access to the photo library, but in those days of the end of the 90's, everybody was still using slides...

So, here is the part one of this Disney MGM Studios celebration, with lot of original artwork, and probably many that you will see for the first time. The first one below is of course a park overview, without the Sunset Boulevard which will be added later.

Next one is another one showing the whole park, from a different angle, and probably an early concept...

...just like this one, showing the soundstage and support buildings.

This one show the Hollywood Boulevard...

And on this one we can see a "Pooh Hollywood corner"...was the shop really built? I'm not sure, but tell me if i'm wrong...

This next one is a bird eye view of the Indiana Jones epic stunt spectacular building.

And this rendering show the final explosion scene.

Now, here are some interesting renderings, as i think - once again, please correct me if my wrong - that they're showing never realised attractions. And the one below show a kind of "filming tour" where guests would have been able to look behind windows to the real shooting of a movie - just like in the animation tour you were able to watch Disney artists working.

Here is another one, probably from the same concept.

Does anyone know to which attraction this next one is related - it seems to be the shooting of a tv show...

As well as this one, maybe the preshow of the one above...

The caption on the slide for the one below is: "Sounds effects theatre"

This one is for the Tram Tour on the New York street.

And here are three renderings for the Catastrophe canyon scene.

Next, is a rendering for the Honey i shrunk the kids playground.

And here is a picture of the model, with two WDI imagineers...

And another photo, shot during the making of the HISTK playground.

This last rendering is also related to an attraction based on the Honey i shrunk the kids movie, and i don't remember if it was finally built or not...i think it was - or is it not? Anybody knows?

Don't miss the part two coming soon, with a tribute to the Great Movie ride and the Chinese Theater replica!

All artwork: copyright Disney Enterprises Inc


Robert /Cologne said...

I certainly at one time went on a backstage tour which was exactly like the picture above you looked down at the sets which I remember were sometimes really amazingbut when "stars"were filming curtains are closed so they dont get disturbed.
The only thing is its such a long time ago and I thought it was at Universal but the rendering is exactly as I had seen it.
I also seem to remember that the curtains were closed once and the guide said that Bette Midler was filming so that would mean Disney.....

Scott said...

Pooh Hollywood became Keystone Clothiers

The picture looking down into the sound stages was part of the original backstage tour. Still there above Toy Story Mania.

The picture of the director on the chapman crane was supposed to be on the tour but not built.

The TV show taping was Super Star TV now American Idol as will as the next image.

The image with the ant and bee were part of the backstage after the water effects tank and before the sound stages. I believe the bee was built to demo green screen efx.

The tour continued past the soundstages to a standing set featuring Bette Midler in The Lottery.

Then past post-production facilities run by The Post Group, it was very unnerving to have people watch you during an edit session.

Finally ending in a theater and back to the Animation Courtyard.

Anonymous said...

yes, you could see the EFX demonstration with the giant bee and ants from Honey I shrunk the kids, and Scott is right, during the backlot tour you could see from above behind windows the sound stages.

ALSO on the first image you can see the Mickey Mouse that was formed by the lake (as an ear) the main plaza (as the face) in front the Chinese Theatre and the Brown Derby area. This effect was gone with the construction of Sunset Boulevard.

Anonymous said...

The interior tour pictures (the Bee, etc) were later part of the attraction called "Backstage Pass," which came into existence after they split the outdoors tram tour and the interior tour into two separate attractions. It only lasted a few years in the mid-90s in that incarnation, if I recall. The catwalks probably still exist in the "stage one" building that has been rumored for years to hold a Monsters, Inc attraction, but Midway Mania gutted what was once the majority of the attraction.

The "sounds effects theatre" was the late, great Monster Sound Show, now home to the mediocre Sounds Dangerous with Drew Carey.