Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tangled Pre-Review

I saw today in a press screening Tangled and i liked it. I mean, more than i expected. I didn't had a lot of expectations but, honestly, it's good, even very good. Good story and characters - including the horse who is very funny. Top 3D animation, too. A little bit too many songs, though - some are good, others not exceptionnal - and although they were written by Alan Menken there is not as many memorable songs than, let's say, in Beauty and the Beast.

However, I think this new animated movie is going to be successful, not as much as Toy Story 3 but certainly more than Princess and the Frog - which personally i liked a lot. There is a review embargo until Nov 7 so i can't tell you more right now but all i can say is that it should be a good surprise for all of you when it will be released Nov 24 in the U.S and next month in France and all over Europe!

Picture: copyright Disney

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Jones said...

I´m not so sure about the songs, I have heard only 2 of them - but if they are anything like "see the light", then I´d be more than happy. When i first heard "see the light", my reaction was "nice song". After hearing it a 2nd time, I thought "great song" - and as of today, I just can´t get it out of my head, I think it´s simply stunning (not very original, but who cares).
So what I´m trying to say is: It may be that they take some time,that they don´t "work" as fast as, say, "under the sea" - but I have very high hopes for "tangled" (although it extremely sad they did not stick to the original visual concept - I still don´t kow why they abandoned it).