Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Special : David Copperfield Haunted House Magic Act

What could be more perfect for a Halloween night than the best "Haunted House" magic act ever? This is one of the best magic act from David Copperfield. Everything is perfectly set, and the use of Bernard Hermann's "North by northwest" music score is a perfect choice for this new, creepy, and much improved version of the classic "chamber of spirit" magic act.

If you've seen it before, you'll be happy to see it again, and if you've never seen it, you're going to love it. The beginning of the video , because youtube don't allow more than 10 minutes clip have been cut, but nothing special happened before what you will see, David just asked people from the audience to check the rope, etc...

And don't miss the "prestige" - the finale of the tour - absolutely stunning!


DisWedWay said...

Alain, David has a Great collection of historical magic props and posters as shown in Architectural Digest.

Robert /Cologne said...

Ive seen this live and it is truely amazing.You would think those curtains are a camera trick but they are real and to this day I dont know how he did it.
Got the chance to shake his hand once as I had front row seats in Las Vegas.