Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Editor's Note: DEC 2: Just posted below the trailers of a new Pirates movie coming next year. And, no, that's not the "Pirates" movie you can think about!

Also, those of you waiting to know how good or not is the new Transformers ride at Universal Singapore might be interested by this email i just received from a good friend who is a theme park specialist and perfectly reliable in his opinion about a ride:

"Hi Alain, I rode the Transformers ride. It was nothing more than Spiderman 1.5. No new effects or surprises. Just bigger screens and obviously improved 3-D. Good stuff, though, and worth the ride. But for sure not a revolution"

So here we are, as expected the Transformers ride is an improved Spiderman ride, pretty good, it will probably be a big success in Singapore and Universal Hollywood later next year, but apparently not the revolution Universal claim it is supposed to be.

That said, don't miss my Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary update below!


Anonymous said...

was there any doubt that this wasnt Spiderman 1.5? Why would people expect more? Cars Land is Test Track but better, Dinosaur is Indy Jones better, Uni and Disney clones rides in different themes all the time. I just wondering why would anyone expect more? I even wondering, as a theme park specialist myself, did not expect anything more than Spidey. Potter is special. but i didnt expect anything revolutionary from Transformers, but I wouldnt sound like I was disappointed bc IT WAS NOT REVOLUTIONARY. and I dont even think Universal thinks that. ALL promotional stuff are standard marketing, try to make your product sound better but is not. Like the iPhone 4S, revolutionary? not, but the commercial sure make it sound like it. These kind of tone, just make Transformer sounds cheapy and same old stuff. I doubt it. ST2 and Transformer will set the new standard in 3D attractions, which will probably be toppled by Avatar land. I dont think these specialist commenting reportings are neccessary at all.

Alain Littaye said...

I don't think his comment makes the attraction sounds cheap, first because Spiderman is not considered by anyone as a cheap attraction, so even if Transformers is "only" a Spiderman 1.5 that sounds like the enhancement of one of the best rides in the world, and obviously if anyone can consider this "cheap" then something is going wrong.

My point of view , without having done the ride, is that Transformers is an excellent ride. If you live in Asia and have never ride the Spiderman ride in IOA or USO then go to ride Transformers. If you live in the U.S wait for the Transformers opening at Universal Hollywood next year. And if you're in Asia and already know the Spiderman ride then go also at USS if you wish but don't necessarily rush to it as Transformers was the most revolutionary ride in the world because it is not.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Dinosaur is not Indy better, Indy is much better, considering the ride vehicle technology and the track, they're both exactly the same. I agree with you on all the rest Anonymous, and I also agree with Alain.

spajadigit said...

I agree too, but I wanted to add a minor point. With the exception of the Harry Potter attraction at Islands of Adventure, there really hasn't been *any* groundbreaking stuff since, well, Spiderman, the ride. This new Transformers ride will be fun, but as someone who really wants the next big thing, I feel like we're getting the same old thing, just bigger.

EVAC said...

If they change the ride vehicle a bit, instead of just painting it differently (including just painting in the wheels....) and added a bit of Animatronics, like what CarsLand RS Racers, then it would have made it very special!!! I am a bit disappointed because of that. Nevertheless, Excited! Very happy that atleast it will top the copycat, the DarKastle ride.

Anonymous said...

Well, I live in Asia, and there's spidey at Universal Osaka for a loooong tine.;)