Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Universal Singapore Transformers Ride : How they did it

Editor's Note: I'm taking a break this week but i have programmed articles so you'll find new updates almost each day, beginning by the two below and specially tomorrow's article which will be about what will happen for DLP 20th Anniversary. Don't miss it!

That said, it's the big countdown for the new TRANSFORMERS The Ride opening at Universal Studios Singapore in just five days, and probably will become the newest blockbuster attraction.

USS has released a new short video explaining how they create experiences "that put guests in the middle of their favorite adventures". To tell you more here is Mark Woodbury, President of Universal Creative and Thierry Coup, Senior Vice President of Universal Creative.

Picture and Video: copyright Universal studios


Robert /Cologne said...

Does look a lot like Spiderman at IOA

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Yes it does, but that is good news, because Spiderman is one of the best attractions ever! The only thing that I have to say against it is that, as guests are supposed to join the battle, they should have put guns in the car for the people to shoot like in Toy Story Mania, but it looks fantastic anyway...