Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Carousel of Progress : This would make a perfect inspiration for an update of COP final scene

Corning Inc is a company which is the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics. And recently they've released a great video showing what the future might look, thanks to their glass technology.

Now, why did i talk about the Carousel of Progress in the title? As we know the last scene of COP has been constantly updated among the years, to be more accurate with what the future and the present is made of. When you'll see this video you'll probably think like me, that some of the scenes which are shown in this video could serve as inspiration for a new update of the Carousel of Progress final scene.

Because, technologically speaking, most of the technologies which are shown in this video already exist or will exist very soon. Some already exist in Apple iDevices of course, or the Microsoft Surface, but the main problem might be the capacity to produce in large quantities hyper-large touch screens at reasonable cost / price.

The other problem is: does WDW really wants to have an update of Carousel of Progress final scene? Considering that they might think using the COP building for another attraction in a near future, i'm not sure that this is among their priorities...

Video: copyright Corning


Anonymous said...

Superbe inspiration ! merci

Anonymous said...

Bring it back to California's Disneyland, and they will bring it up to date and help restore Tomorrowland.

Anonymous said...

Time to buy stock in SC Johnson. We're going to need gallons of Windex to clean the fingerprints off of all that glass!

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

They should always update COP and never replace it. They should do the same with most Disneyland classics, like Fantasyland dark rides, that by the way needs updates, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, submarines... When I say Disneyland, I mean these attractions in all Magic Kingdoms around the world.

I will be very sad if my favorite childhood attractions are replaced, already were when they took the skyway, the 20,000 leagues under the sea submarines and Mr. Toad out of the MK, and worse, didn't replace it for something better, I mean, not even for something half as good!