Friday, November 25, 2011

Universal Singapore Transformers Ride : Panoramic Pictures by Dejiki Nicholas

Dejiki Nicholas just sent me a great pictorial report on the Transformers ride which is opening Dec 3 at Universal Studios Singapore. And not only his pictures of the pre-show are "crystal clear" but most of them are panoramic pictures, so you'll be able to see the fantastic pre-show decor "just like if you were there". Click on each to enlarge the pictures.

There we go, and the picture on the top shows the entrance of the ride in USS Sci-Fi City. Below, the beginning of the queue.

Once you enter in NEST the pre-show decor is extremely elaborated, with a lot of pre-show videos as you will see on the embedded video at the bottom of the article. The pictures below are either horizontal or panoramic shots. Again, click - specially on the horizontal pics - to see them in bigger size.

Dejiki, who spent a good 40 minutes watching all the videos in the Transformers queue to fully understand the story provides more details about the different queue areas:

1. Queue Area 2 introduces N.E.S.T and the Autobots to the guests (who are new recruits, and supposed to be going through training).

2. Queue Area 4 introduces the Decepticons and battle strategies.

3. Queue Area 5 describes the current situation, in which the Decepticons have broken into the NEST base and help is needed. EVAC, a newcomer Autobot, is mentioned. The "training" is suspended due to this emergency.

4. Queue Area 6 introduces EVAC, and the commanders explaining that the guests/recruits have to battle without training, and with EVAC.

5. Queue Area 7 is the safety preshow, which is surprisingly entertaining. You can read the transcript of it on his site HERE under "Preshow #5".

This last picture shows the last room, just before you embark in EVAC, the ride vehicle.

As you might want to know more about what-is-what in this queue decor the best is to jump on Dejiki web site HERE where you will have more details as well as a full description of the ride. But before have a look at this great video filmed by Bigbearsg which will show you in 11 minutes all the pre-show decor as well as a lot of the pre-show movies, and even the Transformers shop and the new restaurant at the exit of the ride!

All pictures: copyright Dejiki Nicholas

Video: copyright Bigbearsg

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