Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Visions of a Post Apocalyptic Disneyland

How will look a post-apocalyptic Disneyland ? Yes, i know, you don't even want to think that such a thing can happen and, relax, the probability that it really happen are very low, but this great artwork below will give you an idea of how it might look after such a disaster. Enlarge the picture to see it in details.

No need to say that this artwork is not a Disney artwork (!) but was done by artist Alex Ruiz, and i think he did a really good job (if i can say!) on this one. For those of you who are interested there is even some art prints (and greeting cards!) which can be order HERE. The "Disneyland Destroyed sign on the top is not from Alex Ruiz but is an acrylic on canvas from Jeff Gillette.

Mind you, even if those were not ordered by Disney more recently a vision of a post-apocalyptic Disney World was done for the Epic Disney game.

And i want to thanks Mark Hickson of the always excellent Disney by Mark blog for the inspiration of this article.

Pictures: copyright Alex Ruiz, Jeff Gillette or Disney


Anonymous said...

I'm crying

Magic Lamp said...

I hope, if there ever was a Fallout game set in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, they should include a pseudo Disneyland in ruins... Imagine the kind of loot you could find or what kind of group has taken refuge in there. I know it could be heart wrenching but it's just a game and fun to speculate "what if" scenarios.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Very nice drawings, but I don't think that a post-apocalyptic Disneyland would look like that in the real world.

Thanks for posting!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Wao! These drawings are fantastic!!! Of course, I would never want this to happen, but the art is really cool.

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Anonymous said...

Is it weird that I've thought about this before?