Thursday, November 24, 2011

Disneyland Paris launch an online poll for DLP fans !

Disneyland Paris has launched today a poll, and this one is to know better who DLP fans are and what are their expectations. It's the first time that DLP launch this kind a poll to better know what the fans expect from the park, and no need to say that you shouldn't miss this as it will be a unique chance to let them know what you are your expectations for the future!

The poll begin today, will end December 12 and you have the choice of language between french and english. The good point is that the poll is totally anonymous, i.e they won't ask your name, adress or tel number. At the end of the poll, though, there is a question about your email adress but even that if you don't want to give your email adress you don't have to.

So, go HERE, and tell DLP exactly what you think and want, that's the first time they do such a poll for the fans in twenty years, so not sure they will do it again anytime soon!

Picture: copyright Disney


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Just answered. Selected that I read Disney and More every day. The pool is a good initiative, the problem is that they asked too much about the website and too little about the park itself.

Anonymous said...

exactly, I simply added comments about the park (think I added "Bring back the Moon" to every txt box ;)

Superwomen :) said...

Oh boy, I just discovered this blog while doing some searches for information for my website. I will have to make some serious time to come over and read here... what a wonderful source of Disney information !! Well done !!!