Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Marvel Super-Heroes Attractions Coming to Disneyland Paris ?

Something interesting happened during a dinner between DLP fans and DLPI Imagineers. This dinner happened as a contest was organized recently and the big prize was a dinner with two DLP Imagineers. Although no real infos were released about new attractions, the lucky fans had the pleasure to hear some inside stories about the making of DLP parks.

BUT, during this dinner, one of the imagineers asked the fans "By the way, i have a question and i will be interested to have the feeling of fans about this: what do you think of the arrival of the Marvel super-heroes at Disney?". It's important to note that the imagineer did not say "What do you think about Marvel super-heroes attractions coming in the parks?" as the question was more about the arrival of the Marvel "catalog" at Disney, after WDC bought Marvel.

However, why the imagineers would ask such a question to DLP fans if they had no plans at all to develop attractions inspired by Marvel super-heroes? It doesn't mean that a Marvel ride will open soon at DLP, but it probably means that they are thinking about it and if you want my feeling, i think that, yes, they are probably working on Marvel rides concepts for DLP.

Why? Well, first because it's not the first time that we hear about this. Some months ago, DLP CEO Philippe Gas said in a Telegraph interview that DLP's third park "could be a Marvel super-heroes theme park". Recently Philippe Gas also said that DLP is thinking to open this third park in 2020 - so in eight years from now. And, considering that WDI Imagineers always need time to prepare a new project, it would be logical that they begin to design this future park right now...

Now, they could also include a Marvel land at DLP Walt Disney Studios. After all it is supposed to be a park about movies and considering all the movies released with Marvel super-heroes a Marvel land could find perfectly its place at the WDS, and it surely will be successful if the rides are good. Because, to answer the Imagineer question, that's all the problem: if WDI design Marvel attractions as good, for instance, as Universal has done with the Spiderman ride then fans will love them. My only concern, personally, is that they don't put a Marvel attraction inside DLP Magic Kingdom. If they put them at the WDS or in a third park, it's okay for me.

We may have to wait a bit to know the answer but in the meantime, let me know in the comments what is your feeling about Marvel rides coming to DLP?

Picture: copyright Marvel - Disney

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David Neubauer said...

I'm with Alain: Marvel ride would be great in WDS or Park3, but no way this could fit into MK (Buzz Lightyear is more than enough comic-style)

Albert said...

I don't think Europe is the right audience for Marvel rides. It isn't just as big as in America. I can name Spiderman and the Hulk, but that's about it. Sure they can do a ride in WDS but a whole park? I wouldn't care about it.

Anonymous said...

i hate marvel, just letting you know, if they put it in the parks, it will ruin disneyland

Adrien said...

I agree with you, the Marvel attractions could find its place at the WDS or in a 3rd park, and not in the MK.
But if they decide to put it in the Studios, they should organize the land in a better way than what they did with Backlot for exemple, in order to have a land not too small and too much closed, to be able to extand it in the future.
Create something new and unique, without doing again the mistakes they did when they imagined the WDS.
Don't you think ?

Jones said...

I will not set foot in any park with Marvel attractions, period.

Anonymous said...

With the exception of Captain America, all the Marvel-movies I've ever seen were pure rubbish. So DLP please keep Marvel out of both themeparks! And do NOT build a third park at all before WDS is completed!!!
An Avatar-land for WDS might be a nice addition for the future (after the Ratatouille-area and the expansion of Hollywood Boulevard).

Owen said...

I believe I written in the previous article (with Philippe Gas' Telegraph interview) that Marvel will be a good addition in Disney Parks. I find that Disney has a good mixture of characters and IP's for Marvel to fit right in. Of course not Disneyland Parc but I think that makes sense. Certainly for WDS or even the 3rd gate.

I quote from my comment on the last article "Why does Disney need to stay traditional? Can they not build something that is new but STILL Disney? Of course they can"

I know people say there isn't enough for a full park and that it wont have enough Disney. But like in my previous comment... create a Hero's World and a Marvel Land. Include other Disney hero's...

Incredible's, Bolt, Basil the Mouse Detective, Narnia, G-Force, Robin Hood, Hercules, Spy Kids (Floops Castle with a mirror maze and roller coaster), Bug's Life, Mulan, Treasure Planet.

Most of all is... Mickey Mouse, Fantasia, Fun and Fancy Free, The Three Musketeers.

Anonymous said...

How i look at it, is, and don't get me wrong, i'm twenty-six...
But Disney can't go on forever bringing out the same characters,
yes, we all love the orginal's...
But at the moment Marvels films, albeit might not be that good, the youth of today can reel the names off, it's a more popular franchise today, than it's been since the 90's.
And now Disney own Marvel, they need to monopolize on this.

Even if it's adding small Marvel store's into the parks, or include them into a parade...
The children of today want to see spider-man, they want to see iron-man, and the Avengers.

Sometimes you've got to look at things for the youth tomorrow, and not yesterday.

It's a massive step taking something like this on for Disney,
But they need to take...
And especially now it's so big in Europe.
People in their 30's/40's + might not know much about them,
but the children do.
And that, is where it pays.